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Kiskendo cave

Kiskendo cave, tourists can gaze at the Kiskendo Cave story lines about corrected with puppet story (epic of Ramayana) engraved on the two reliefs on the front of the mouth of the cave.
Kiskendo cave is a tourist complex that consists of some of the places that are supposedly the story is still associated with the legend of the Kingdom Kiskendo.

Referred to as Guo Kiskendo this story was discovered by a hermit named Ki Gondorio in 1700 's. The Hermit is simultaneously acts as a gatekeeper to the first cave. one night he dreamed of entering a cave that resembles the Kingdom. In his dreams, Ki Gondorio got a instructions in order to name the 15 rooms in the cave. After waking up from his sleep, Ki Gondorio follow all instructions received in a dream.
Kiskendo cave

Another version is that the existence of this cave emerging from the world of puppet, the Kiskendo Cave of yore is a Kingdom led by a king named Mahesosuro. and is a duplicate of a cave in India.

Entering these caves have lots of restrictions, among others, should not throw dirt in the cave, not to be insulting or damaging to the State of the cave, and should not be doing things outside the bounds of decency. and because it places the Hermitage then introduces the sacred Cave of the local community.
Kiskendo cave

In this area there are 15 spaces, with the name and history of each:
The tongue is Mahesosuro, i.e. in the form of rock that has a tongue.

Allegedly, this stone comes from the tongue of the King Mahesosuro who was cut by the ^ to prevent a Mahesosuro can not be lived again.
Hermitage ledek, i.e. a place used to meditate in order to be successful in the archives.
Hermitage Farm, where Students used to meditate so that agriculture can overflow. Formerly, it was used as the residence of the farmers who live in the area around the cave.
The Hermitage ^ ^ 's place, i.e. meditation before the fight against Mahesosuro andLembusuro (human-headed Bull).
Kiskendo cave

Sumelong, that is a hole that can break through to the top. According to myth, the hole located in the middle of this cave is place ^ out of the cave because the mouth of the cave was closed by Sugriwo.
Barn Kampek, namely storage of valuables Kiskendo Cave from the Kingdom.
Selumbung, which is the Kingdom's food barns Kiskendo Cave.
Seterbang cave, the cave is still one section of the cave Kiskendo. Allegedly, this cave is linked to the South Sea.
Kiskendo cave

The Sultan's Companion, namely the Royal Centre Kiskendo Cave. ^ This is the placein the fight against Mahesosuro and Lembusuro.
Hermitage Kusuman, was a place of penance to obtain a high degree.
Padasan, is the source of water during the heyday of the Kingdom Kiskendo Cave.
Sepranji, serves as the center of the ranch at the time of the Kingdom of Caves Kiskendo.
Tripe Kandel, in the form of rocks-rocks similar to the human stomach intestine. According to the story, this tripe is the stomach contents are disposed of by Mahesosuro Vali (Ramayana).
Kiskendo cave

Sawahan, i.e. the place of planting rice.
Selangsur, where the Kingdom's troops fought against Kiskendo Cave Subali.
In addition to the place of the fifteenth, there are other objects that are adjacent to the Kiskendo Cave complex, i.e. Cave Sumitro (about 50 meters), the Grojogan Sewu (waterfall with a height of 20 metres), Watu Blencong (located approximately 250 m above the Kiskendo Cave), mount Krengseng, and mount Elephant Watu Kelir (limestone mountain that resembles the shape of the screen, is 4.5 km of Caves Kiskendo).

This cave is located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, which is in the mountains of this region including Dusun Incise Sukamaya Jatimulyo Village, district, Girimulyo, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta special region. Northwest Wates, Kulon Progo
Kiskendo cave

To reach the tourist sites of the cave which is about 35 Km from the city of Yogyakarta, with ground vehicles until the t-junction Ngeplang 40 minutes, then continued heading for Samigaluh or Nanggulan. get to the attractions of Guo Kiskendoselama 50-minute trip.

In the tourist area of the cave, there is a toilet (lavatory), rest (in the form of a Hall), and a spacious parking (for buses, cars, and motorcycles).

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