8 Souvenir the Typical Pekanbaru Riau

Pekanbaru is a very famous town with Batik Riau. If you're a business or indeed no activity was on vacation in Pekanbaru do not let you miss a visit to places of interest in the city. There are several tourist attractions in Soweto and surrounding areas that you need to know. In addition, you should be taking the typical food tasting and also visit the culinary Riau pekanbaru cool for hanging out with family. Do not forget to enjoy also the sensation Spa Pekanbaru. Well, completion of the above activities, business activities or holiday rituals normally be closed with looking for the typical Pekanbaru. This article will help you choose gifts for loved ones upon your return to the residence. Here are 8 by the typical Pekanbaru that you need to know.

1. Corak Batik Riau
Corak Batik Riau

If the Java batik motif usual. Riau Malay batik motif if it's just remarkable. Yes, by the typical Pekanbaru is our first Batik products with brand brand "Corak Riau". Corak Batik Riau raised motifs typical of Melayu Riau to be made batik. That is why the design motive was unique and has no equal as they are made exclusively by hand (handmade) and wax. Nice fabric and color quality is guaranteed and does not easily fade because Riau batik pattern is done by craftsmen batik reliable. Interested?.

2. Typical Kaos Pekanbaru 
Kaos Pekanbaru 

Souvenirs the typical next Pekanbaru is the T-shirt. Kaos typical of the region seems to have become something that must be the fruit of the hands when we visit in a city or region. In the city of Pekanbaru was in some places there which provides T typical of the region with a variety of materials such as "I love Pekanbaru" and the like. There is also a T-shirt that featured pictures of typical building such as Riau Barelang temple, palace Siak and others.

Kaos is by the typical Pekanbaru fit for family or coworkers. If by the foods can be consumed by not so with the shirt. Besides the price is very affordable, the shirt can last up to 1 to 2 years of use. It looks like T-shirts will be by the more memorable for friends and family.

If you want to get a shirt with the cheapest price in the city of Pekanbaru, you can come to the shop Corak Batik Riau. The store address can be viewed by clicking here. Shirts price here is very cheap but the quality is also pretty good. T-shirt prices start from Rp. 25.000, -. The price guaranteed to be cheaper than other places and fix (no need to tired to bid again). In addition the shopping arcade is more convenient and near downtown Pekanbaru.

If the shirt shopping at the market must be willing to risk in overcrowded and sometimes muddy alley. You also must be smart bargain. If you do not understand the local language will be difficult Pekanbaru bid. If you successfully bid is not necessarily the price could be cheaper than buying in the store.

3. Bolu Kemojo
Bolu Kemojo

Souvenirs the typical Pekanbaru second is Kemojo Bolu. Cakes made by steaming it tastes sweet. The content of milk that are in this sponge makes it too easy and legit when our tongues touched.
Currently Bolu Kemojo already developed into a wide variety of flavors including chocolate, pandan flavor and taste other no less delicious. Incomplete when you come to come to Pekanbaru travel without tasting this special cake. Bolu Kemojo very suitable as a dish at tea so do not forget to wrap the cake is to be made by the Riau.

4. Lempok Durian
Lempok Durian

Lempok dodol durian is made with the main ingredient is the durian. Lempok made in the traditional way and do for generations by the people of Riau. More precisely in the province of Riau Bengkalis district is one of the makers of the famous lempok very tasty.
Lempok now been sold up to foreign countries. Lempok almost always available because the raw material ie including fruit durian that knows no season like other fruits. Not until you do not try by the typical Pekanbaru on this one because of duriannya will make you forget to stop eating it. Moreover, the taste of durian Riau known to be very tasty. Loss if you come and see Pekanbaru travel without carrying lempok as a souvenir for the family.

5. Nuts At Bagansiapiapi
Nuts At Bagansiapiapi

We go to the next Souvenirs the typical Pekanbaru namely beans at Bagansiapiapi Bagansiapiapi is one of the main port city in the province of Riau, located in Rokan Hilir. Nuts At a typical souvenirs Riau produced Bagansiapiapi Chinese community for generations.

If we see and feel, is reminiscent of nuts at the Javanese food is enthing-enthing obese. It is sweet and savory mixed nuts in it there were already crushed. Bagansiapiapi beans in this very famous and because it lies close to the trade duni (Malacca Strait), the food is also spreading to other countries. Nuts o'clock is widely available in stores by the Pekanbaru.

6. Typical Keychain Pekanbaru
Typical Keychain Pekanbaru

If you have friends or family who are very much to be brought fruit hands possible by the following could be the right choice. Souvenira the typical Pekanbaru in question are accessories or knick knacks for example eg key chains, refrigerator magnets and so forth. The price of key chains and refrigerator magnets varies from Rp. 10.000, - up to Rp. 15.000, -.

With the price is very very affordable accessories such as this certainly is the right choice and economical for those of you who want to shop Souvenirs an endless number of pockets remain intact but the "health". Such accessories are also available in store Corak Batik Riau. If you want to know the address or location of the store please click here.

7. Chips Pineapple
Chips Pineapple

Pineapple is one of the fruits that are abundant in Pekanbaru. With the creative touch of the community now pineapples can be enjoyed in another form, namely the form of chips. How to make chips with pineapple peel in the form of a thin and then boiled. Once boiled then given herbs and dried in the sun. After drying in the hot sun so then fried into chips with a distinctive flavor and tasty.
Pineapple chips could be an option for those of you who want to bring by the typical Pekanbaru to families at home. These chips are widely available in stores by the city of Pekanbaru. Curious? So hurry cobain this tasty pineapple chips.

8. Dodo Kedondong
Dodo Kedondong

Some do not know kedondong fruit? Fruit whose seeds have these fibers sour taste and is often used as a salad. It turned out that the fruit can also be processed into by the typical Pekanbaru unique. In Rengat, Riau, kedondong was processed into dodol nimat tastes. As with other dodol dodol kedondong was also made of materials such as kedondong fruit, sugar, and sesame. This dodol brown color lighter, unlike other dodol which is usually dark. It's not too sweet and not too sour yet alluring fragrance.

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