11 Typical food Palembang in Sumatera Selatan

Typical food Palembang - besides famous for the bridge Ampera and its Kemaro Island. turns Palembang has a wide variety of typical food that could spoil the tongue of the audience. some of this food may have been sold in the other State but more stable again if we live to eat somewhere origin. hehe

during this time many people know pempek are foods derived from Palembang, but it turned out not only that. a lot of typical food that you can taste when visiting the town of Palembang. Because it could not hurt to know some of Reviews These unique culinary Palembang.

1. Pempek

Who does not know this one meal, many Indonesian people who love it. Pempek is made from basic ingredients of fish and sago starch, and we can vary the time by adding additional ingredientssuch as tofu, eggs, shrimp, and egg shells to suit our tastes. to add to its enjoyment, pempek usually served with vinegar sauce or in a language called the cuko palembang made from brown sugar, garlic, cayenne pepper, salt, and you can add shrimp ebi premises.

Palembang community has successfully developed the basic materials into many different types with varying pempek stuffing or other additives such as eggs, fish skin, or out on the base material.
pempek too many variants including pepperoni pizzas, pempek lenjer, pempek curly, pempek circumstances, pempek skin, pempek know, pempek pistel, pempek shrimp, pempek lenggang, deep-dish pizzas, sides and pempek pempek brain - the brain.

2. Tekwan


waw food is no less delicious one of pempek know. tekwan made of material similar to that pempek diging fish and sago round shaped into small pieces and served with shrimp broth as a soup, seldri, fried onions, a sprinkling of green onion and mushroom and vermicelli as pelengkap.lebih enjoy this tasty when hot tekwan and spicy. wow it felt really anyway. steady! definitely addicted smokers.

3. Model

the food is actually similar to tekwan but the basic ingredients of fish flesh and sago shaped like pempek know then cut to small and plus shrimp broth as a soup as well as a complementary glass noodles. The model also has two variants, namely Model Fish (Model Iwak) and Wheat Model (Model Gendum) .As a complementary model is presented with a mix, cucumber, shrimp, oyster mushrooms, fried onions and rice noodles or glass noodles even nothing to add vinegar in the dressing models in order tastes more delicious.

4. Laksan


Laksan still like Palembang traditional foods are made of corn starch and fish just a pempek lenjer laksan thick thick cut crosswise and eaten with coconut milk gravy average. waw turns everything madefrom corn starch and fish yes



Still like the others, even celimpungan glance similar to laksan, it's just that distinguishes it is a flat round shape larger than tekwan. Served with coconut milk mixed with garlic, turmeric, onion, salt, bay leaves and pepper, so creamy coconut gravy tasted delicious.

6. Kemplang

Kemplang is a savory crackers and crisp, based as pempek lenjer, thinly sliced and then dried in the sun to dry, after cleaning kemplang cooked fried or baked until very crispy fluffy. crackers is usually eaten with chili black that have a spicy flavor wow feels solid.

7. Martabak HAR
Martabak HAR

Martabak HAR is a typical food coming from India were brought by Haji Abdul Razak. Flour-based, by duck egg and chicken eggs, broth made from goat curry potatoes mixed. albeit Came from india but martabak har martabak palembang This is different from india, martabak Palembang has a crisper skin martabak know.

8. Cake masuba

Cake masuba

Palembang typical cake made this one of the main ingredients of duck eggs and sweet condensed milk. In making eggs needed can reach about 28 grains.The dough is then processed like a layer cake batter. It feels good, sweet and legit.supposedly reportedly cake is Believed to be one of the Palembang Sultanate palace dish Often served as a dish for the guest of honor. Often but encountered throughout Palembang Also during the holidays.


Tempoyak, Palembang traditional foods are made from durian meat sauteed along with sliced ​​chillies and onions, shaped like a sauce and usually eaten as a food supplement, it is unique and tasty gurih.paling if eaten with boiled catfish.

10.Kue srikaya

Kue srikaya

green cake is made of eggs and pandan leaf and the taste is sweet. Srikaya this cake has a shape similar to a pudding and eaten accompanied by white Glutinous and very delicious when eaten when cold.

11. Es kacang merah

Es kacang merah

if already tried everything, now mandatory nih enjoying a bowl of red bean ice typical of Palembang. Many vendors provide Also red bean ice with varied flavors. As bean texture is soft, medium or hard bits. Also mixed with coconut milk and palm sugar. pempek sellers usually sell ice ini.wah definitely feels steady !
How? interested to taste the typical food of Palembang's very tempting ??
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