Pasir Putih Beach | Lampung

Pasir Putih Beach

One of the famous sights in Lampung White Sand Beach is located on the Trans Sumatra, Tarahan,  Lampung Selatan regency within 30-45 minutes drive from the city of Bandar Lampung. Almost every day off the beach is definitely visited by tourists from the region itself and from Lampung . Lampung Affairs wants a vacation to enjoy the wonderful charm of the white sand beach.

On arrival at the White Sand Beach, you are greeted by paintings of nature as incredible. The combination of white sand and the trees waving blue sea, will make anyone amazed and stunned. White Sand Beach is already a community pride Lampung. So, this place is not only popular with tourists in the country, but also foreign tourists.

Spending time to just lie down, walk around or even look for the object you can do around the beach. White and net beach, will make you feel at home to linger on this beach. For lovers of water sports, there are many activities you can do on this beach. Some interesting activities such as swimming, canoeing and adventure with a fishing boat. Travel white sand has a very special beauty so it is no wonder that the place is always crowded visited by local tourists, the cluster of clean white sand stretches add beautiful shoreline of the beach.
Pasir Putih Beach

The white sand beach has a bluish green color that add beautiful to visit and enjoy, in this place you can play sand, water play and sunbathing. On holidays the place is visited by a lot of local people both from the surrounding area or other areas such as Jakarta, tanggerang, Palembang and so forth. Even some foreign tourists passing in this place to enjoy the charm of white sand.

Pasir Putih Beach

The price of admission to the White Sand Beach is also relatively very cheap, just by spending money of Rp. 20.000, - you've got a pass for one person. You can also enjoy some of the small islands around the White Sand Beach, such as Codong Island. Codong Island is clearly visible from the edge of the White Sand Beach. You can rent a boat for Rp 150000-250000. Codong all the way to the island, you can see the cage-mounted cages fishermen to catch fish. Codong island also no less interesting than the White Sand Beach. The sand is white and clean as well, and you can also canoeing and snorkeling around the island Codong.

Pasir Putih Beach

Sunset in the White Sand Beach was gorgeous. Its beauty is not inferior to other beaches in Indonesia. Sunset at White Sands as a sweet dessert after a long day at the beach.

Lampung unique souvenir sellers also can be met around the White Sand Beach is so for those of you who visit the beach is not to be confused longer have to find what a great souvenir to take home and given as presents to relatives at home. The beautiful coastal scenery visible in front of the eyes of one of them is the existence of some small islands around this white sand beach which you can visit by boat hired at a cost of approximately 30 thousand to travel between 10 to 15 minutes. so you will be taken to enjoy the beauty of the island and see the beautiful white sand beach on the other side of the island. one of the islands frequented Tangkil Island. Similarly, little information on the White Sand Beach in Lampung Selatan. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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