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Pulau Kubur

 Kubur Island - In addition to the Gulf Kiluan that does offer a very beautiful natural scenery, In Lampung is also a place that is not less beautiful than Kiluan Bay. The place name is the tomb of the island located in the Gulf of Lampung in Bandar Lampung coastal areas. The island has an area of ​​only about 5 hectares only.

Why called Kubur Island? Maybe searchers think if the island is used as a place to bury the so-called Grave Island. However, the interpretation of the searchers are wrong, because it turns out usut calibaration this island was once used for sowing ceremony ashes into the ocean. So dinamakanlah Grave Island.

If the searcher wants to visit the Kubur Island, then searchers can follow it through the Market Island by motor boat takes about 35 minutes. Island by island Bury Market itself is only about 7 kilometers. In addition searchers can also be set off from Ivory Coast Castle or Tirtayasa, which are located very close to the tomb of the island. It only takes about 10 minutes to arrive at the Grave Island by motor boat.

Kubur Island

Kubur Island itself is actually a coral island. Where the plains of the island is a large rock surrounded by the ocean. Grave Island consists of two parts: in one part there is a beach, while the others are towering cliffs overlooking the coast of the island of Lampung. The island was very quiet at all because of the absence of people living on the island.

In the past, the actual grave island connected to the mainland that stood by. However, because the waves are constantly eroded surface of the land, so in the end to make a small part of the islands separated by oceans. And a small land is then a Bury Island. Until now the waves still continue to erode the Grave Island. It can be seen from the bottom of the island which is parallel to the sea water is smaller than the top of the reef.

Bury beauty of the island is actually not much known by people, it can be seen from yet many tourists who visit the island. But for those who've come to this island will be made amazed by the beauty of the scenery on offer.

The main attraction of the Kubur Island is the natural scenery is so natural, so as to make the searcher can feel the gentle wind, a comfortable atmosphere and also many ornamental fish scattered around the coast of the island. In addition grove of trees located on the hill adds to the coolness when traveling on this island.
Kubur Island

Grave Island is a very fitting location for searchers who have a hobby of fishing. Because basically island Now it is a huge reef. And the coral itself is a favorite spot for big fish to congregate.
But the searchers did not lure him from the top of the island, as if from the top of the island then certainly hook searchers will always concern on the reef. If you like fishing, searchers can rent motorboats to lead the searchers to the best spot for fishing and is located not far from the Kubur Island. After arriving at the location, just swing the lure searchers from the boat motor to the surrounding reef on the island of the tomb.

Bury yourself in the island there are several simple huts that searchers can use to rest. Although the cottage - the cottage does not use the technology to build them, but the searchers did not need to worry because the cottage is safe for the rest.

Oh yes searchers if you want to travel to the Kubur Islanddo not forget to bring a variety of travel needs. In addition, during this tomb traveled Island searchers ya still protecting the environment by not littering and also does not damage the various

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