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Waterfall Putri malu

Waterfall Putri malu Located in the village Juku Batu, District Banjit, Regency Way Kanan, Lampung. Waterfall Princess shame has an altitude of ± 80 m. The waterfall is falling down curved back mauve resembles human bathing, it is this that underlies this Curup called "Princess Shame" In this area there are also waterfalls Curup Bukit Sitting with a height of ± 60 m.

Waterfall Putri malu

Within ± 46 km from the Capital District Way Kanan, Blambangan Umpu. Easily accessible from the highway Sumatran by the entrance to this tourist attraction is the junction towards SMU N 1 Baradatu.
Tourist attractions Niagara daughter Malu very easily accessible from Sumatra highway, so searchers do not need to worry about having trouble finding the location. The first searchers headed is SMU N 1 Baratadu, because the entrance to the tourist spot is the intersection toward SMU N 1 Baratadu. Shame the Niagara Women themselves have a distance of approximately 46 km from the Capital District Way Kanan, Blambangan Umpu. Now the conditions for tourist attractions Waterfall Putri malu is still a path. But now the prospect of travel is starting to Way Kanan is managed by the tourism department Way Kanan, Lampung.

Waterfall Putri malu  Way Kanan
Waterfall Putri malu

Waterfall Putri malu  situated at an altitude of about 100 m above sea level. Drops of water falling, the curved shape resembling a man's back that was in the shower. And that's what underlies this waterfall is called "Princess Shame".

From the name alone would have been clearly imagined how wonderful charm of waterfalls this one. Waterfall Princess Shame really pretty. So no wonder that many tourists are infatuated with the beauty of waterfalls this one. When I heard the pounding of her alone is fresh, what more if it has been exposed to water splashes her Directly.

Location Waterfall Putri malu  is very natural and beautiful once, but it is also combined with the beautiful panorama of green mountains covered with wet tropical forests are still virgin, add a comfortable place to just unwind from daily activities - day. Besides Waterfall Putri malu , in Lampung there are still some other waterfalls are no less beautiful is Pinang Indah, Haji, Wire Way, Way mencar, Bumi Harjo munggah Lanang, Cekru muddy, meow, Bung Batu, Bukit Lounge.
Waterfall Princess Shame can be used as an alternative tourist vacation spot searchers with people - loved ones, if the searcher is already bored with the atmosphere in the city or workplace searchers.
Besides the location of Waterfall Putri malu  travel this place is not too far from the township residents, so searchers do not need to worry.
Near Waterfall Putri malu  lies the Water Source Panasyang also is located in Kampung Batu Jukuh Banjit, adjacent to the river flow Neki rugged and beautiful.

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