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Medan is the fourth largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung. Visited field could be one of the interesting experiences that you experience. Drive around the city and explore the various tourist attractions as well as tasting the culinary mainstay typical field would have been very exciting.

It was time to go home and do not want to forget Medan for granted? Just buy a gift for family, friends or even yourself so that they can be recalled later Medan from home. What can be purchased? Listen summary of 10 souvenirs typical of Medan following:

1. Bolu Meranti

Bolu Meranti

Who does not know Bolu Meranti? Cake roll with a soft creamy texture and sweet taste has become a sort of souvenir required to be purchased during a visit to Medan. Bolu Meranti has a variety of flavors ranging from pineapple, cheese, strawberry, mocha, blueberry nut up. Bolu can last up to three days outside the refrigerator. In addition to a sponge, there are also other snacks such as lapis legit, eclairs and brownies.

Bolu Meranti stems from prescription try Mrs. Ai Ling. Early selling, he did not have his own shop and left the homemade cake at his shop located at Jalan Meranti. Not unexpectedly, homemade cakes selling well and started a lot of orders. Until finally Mrs. Ai Ling opened his own shop by the name of Bolu Meranti.

Bolu Meranti has two branches namely in 2K and Jalan Jalan Kruing Singamangaraja No. 19B. The shop is open every day from 9 am to 4 pm.

2. Durian Ucok

Durian Ucok

It is hardly an exaggeration to say Durian Ucok is mandatory stopping place for durian enthusiasts who are visiting Medan. Ucok Bang shops at Jalan Wahid Hasyim is never out of stock durian although the number of buyers who come never bit.

Buyers used to come and eat durian in place. One durian fruit would not be enough to satisfy the stomach and tongue durian lovers. For those who had enough to eat durian in place, but still wanted to take him home, Durian Ucok have a solution that durian packages packaging.

What if durian was detained at the airport because it smells sharp? Durian meat will be packaged neatly in a box meeting. To close its distinctive aroma, packaging is also equipped with pandan leaves and coffee so that the aroma of durian obscured. Now, you can bring durian safely get home.

3. Cain Ulos

Cain Ulos

If you Yogyakarta to never forget to buy batik, now do not forget to buy cloth Ulos as souvenirs from Medan. Ulos fabric is a unique fabric of society once the pride of Sumatra Utara. This fabric shall be used in various rituals ranging from wedding ceremonies, funerals to welcoming guests.

Ulos shaped fabric long scarf which is used in a way slung over his body or be used as a headband. Generally Ulos cloth of red, black and white. Process of complicated and long to make this fabric has a selling price that is high enough.

One of the places that provide fabric Ulos Tax Central is located at Jalan MT. Haryono.

4. Pancake Durian

Pancake Durian

It's her favorite snacks for lovers of processed durian, durian pancake! In contrast to most of the round shape pancake flat as surabi, durian pancake shaped like egg rolls. Durian pancake is composed of a skin made of flour dough and filled with durian meat was amazingly delicious.
Durian pancake available in different flavors beginning of the original, mocha, chocolate until pandan. All of these flavors are equally delicious, bite-course, the content of the durian flesh melted and creamy in the mouth.

Durian House located at Jalan Sekip No. 67 is one place that provides durian pancake. Not asked pancakes, Durian House also provides a sponge and dodol as souvenirs.

5. Bika Ambon

 Bika Ambon

It's a bit strange indeed, with frills namaAmbon, but these snacks are known as typical souvenirs of the city of Medan. Bika Ambon become souvenirs that you must buy the next. Bika Ambon has a fibrous texture with a sweet taste. These snacks are made from tapioca flour, coconut milk, sugar, eggs and water roomie.

Bika Ambon place that sells popular in Bika Ambon Zulaikha Medan is located at Jalan Majapahit No. 62 and 96 DEF. Bika Ambon available with a variety of flavors such as original, pandan and cheese. Bika Ambon typical mother Zulaikha is suitable used as souvenirs Because It can hold up to four days.

6. Passion Fruit Syrup

Passion Fruit Syrup

Passion fruit syrup is perfect to drink in Medan at noon. Fresh sweet taste more delicious when served cold in the middle of the city of Medan hot air. If you are concerned can not enjoy the freshness of this syrup after returning from Medan later, why not take her as souvenirs alone?
Passion fruit syrup Brastagi is an excellent product, but can be easily found in Medan. This syrup is believed to contain a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants that are good for the body. To purchase this syrup, you will not be difficult because it is available at many stores in the city of Medan.

7. Teri Medan

Teri Medan

Do not look teri Medan size. Despite the small size, but many fans anchovies. Teri Medan white is usually cooked with peanut sauce. Taste? There's no question. Teri sauce beans with a plate of warm rice will make the tongue and stomach perfectly satisfied.

Teri Medan also sold raw and packaged in various sizes with prices 70000-80000 rupiah / kg. If you want to buy sebaga souvenirs, you can come to Jalan Majapahit and its surroundings there are many sellers of crude teri Medan.

8. Coffee Sidikalang

Coffee Sidikalang

There is a coffee lover friend? Bring just coffee Sidikalang as a souvenir of your vacation in Medan. Coffee Sidikalang suitable for fans of coffee for its caffeine content is high and strong. Coffee is known as the king of Sumatran coffee. This is of course not surprising because coffee is a formidable competitor Sidikalang the popular Brazilian coffee.

Sidikalang is a mountainous area with an altitude reaching 1472 meters above sea level. Fertile soil is suitable for growing coffee and were able to produce the highest quality coffee beans.
Needless to Sidikalang to get this coffee. You can mmukannya in many souvenir shops in the city of Medan. The coffee is sold in the form of seeds and powder packaging in various sizes as well.

9. Nuts Sihobuk

Nuts Sihobuk

Nuts Sihobukmenjadi souvenirs subsequent compulsory. The beans are derived sari Sihobuk village, tarutung it tastes sweet and savory. Teskturnya crisp and crunchy makes you can not stop chewing.
The beans are sold Sihobuk selected from the best quality nuts, so it feels reliable. These beans are cooked using sand that made it has a distinctive taste. Sihobuk beans sold in a variety of sizes and packaging are also easily found in a souvenir shop in the city of Medan.

10. Cashew Confection

Cashew Confection

Ever tried candied guava? Guava is commonly eaten raw, it can turn out to be more delicious when cooked into preserves. Sweet and fresh taste and a crunchy texture, making it suitable enjoyed during the day.

Sweetmeat is made using jambuBangkok large. If taken home as souvenirs, we recommend that you buy sweets in the form that is still round because it can last up to 3 days. Candied guava efficacious to increase platelets, so it is good for patients with DHF.

One popular place that sells candied guava are Aguan shop located at Jalan Kruing 3D. Additionally, candied guava too many found in the street in Medan.

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