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About Me And www.djitucooltourism.blogspot.com
My name Qurnia dwi yoga putra. I was born on June 25, 1997, but in my blogging often use yoga putraa name. I am native of Los Palos Timur Timor is now Timor Leste, now still in high school SMA N 1 Pengasih, and now settled in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. Since the end of October 2012 I learned Blog.

About www.djitucooltourism.blogspot.com
At night is May 2016 I created the blog via blogger by the name of www.djitucooltourism.blogspot.com.
This blog is a blog that provides information about a vacation spot or tourist spots, especially in Indonesia. www.djitucooltourism.blogspot.com a blog that contains sites taken from the internet and from personal experience. But as a human being and certainly has had limited knowledge and hope there will be a correction to this Blog I were conveyed for the progress of this blog.
Apart from the business aspect because now I am still learning about Adsense and hopefully quickly accepted and not retreat in the middle of the road, www.djitucooltourism.blogspot.com also a means to build a friendship, relationship, share experiences, and build community with bloggers more. If you want to communicate more, contact me via the Contact Us.

Do not expect something big with a sudden, start from the smallest and Reach all expectations in earnest with hard work and prayer.


"Rising to fight or be subject to oppressed"

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