11 Typical Souvenir Jakarta

Any souvenirs typical of Jakarta that? It might sound simple, but you should know if it is being traveled there. Jakarta is the most advanced regions in Indonesia. As the capital city, Jakarta is Indonesia's economy sentrum. All businesses thrive, be it industrial, banking, up to tourism.
From the aspect of its tourism, Jakarta has a number of famous sights, both in Jakarta coastal tourism, cultural tourism, shopping tourism, up to culinary tourism. When traveling in the largest metropolitan city in Indonesia, do not forget to bring souvenirs typical of Jakarta.

Jakarta does have challenges of flood conditions and the level of traffic congestion is high. However, recent developments indicate the seriousness of the Jakarta administration to fix these problems.
No less than that, the Jakarta Government is also targeting growth of tourists visit every year to Jakarta. Day by day, conditions in Jakarta sightseeing trip more exciting. For those of you who are on vacation, there are a number of souvenirs typical of Betawi which is only to be found in Jakarta alone. These souvenirs are generally shaped typical culinary Jakarta.
Souvenir Jakarta
Compiled from various sources, the following are typical souvenirs of Jakarta's most popular among connoisseurs of trip that you should know.

1. Crust Egg

Crust Egg

Jakarta synonymous with Egg crust. Betawi culinary has become his trade mark Jakarta. No traders in other areas that sell Egg crust. If you want to taste it, of course you have to come to Jakarta in advance. Egg crust is Betawi traditional food is quite popular, especially for the citizens of Jakarta. In addition to it's unique, unique manufacturing process which is often the main attraction.

Unfortunately, now the Egg crust is gradually becoming a rare culinary because rarely selling typical food in a typical day. If we want to buy snacks for the Betawi-family home, you can come to Jakarta to coincide with the convening of the event Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ). Usually, there is a stand that sells Egg crust. Or, if you're lucky you can find a seller crust Eggs in tourist areas Setu Babakan in Jagakarsa or in the old city area.

2. Cake Geplak

Cake Geplak

Just like crust Eggs, cakes Geplak is a traditional Betawi food is now scarce. Although many sellers Betawi traditional cake, but the cake is Geplak rare among the various types of cakes on offer. If you want to buy them for souvenirs, just come to Bintaro. In this area, there are several home industry which produces cakes Geplak even if only on a small scale.

Geplak cake has a sweet taste that is dominant, soft, and is often used for the transfer of deliverables in the event of Betawi wedding customs. This cake made of rice with a predominance of white and brown. The manufacturing process is quite easy. The food was also the souvenirs typical of Jakarta is named as cakes Geplak because the process of leveling the dough by hand by being hit or patted.

3. Bread Crocodile

Bread Crocodile

The food is typical of Betawi is called crocodile bread because the size is super jumbo. As well as Geplak Cake, Bread Crocodile usually appears at the wedding who use traditional indigenous Betawi where the bridegroom brought Bread Crocodile as one part of seserahan.

According to the Betawi culture, Bread crocodile is the epitome of loyalty. Betawi people believe that crocodiles mate only once in a lifetime. It became a symbol of the bridegroom who should have the character and nature loving and loyal for life. Cakes Geplak different from that terbialng hard to find, Bread Crocodile fairly easy to find in some of the centers of food and souvenirs typical of Jakarta.

4. Goyang Flower

Goyang Flower

Goyang Flower cake including one Betawi food despite the fact that these foods are also often found in several regions in Indonesia. In the Sumatra area, this cake is popularly known as the Flower Loyang, while in East Java known as Mentari. In Bali, Goyang Flowerbecome part of the offerings in religious rituals.

Betawi traditional cake Goyang Flower has a distinctive shape to resemble sunflowers. This cake made of rice flour dough added sugar, eggs, and vanilla with a distinctive aroma for juice plus ginger water.

5. Dodol 


Souvenirs typical of Jakarta, this one is obliged to buy snacks after returning from Jakarta. Dodol dodol Betawi actually includes variants as in general, just Shakes are made from a mixture of black glutinous rice, white glutinous, and durian.

The materials and the manufacturing process is very complicated, so it's normal if Shakes is quite hard to find in a pastry shop. Typically, these foods are easy to find at weddings, thanksgiving feast, during Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, or Eid celebration. By the day of Eid, Shakes fairly highly in demand to buy.

6. Beer pletok

Beer pletok

Serving food supplement is pletok Beer Shakes. Although the use of the word "beer", the drink is 100 percent free alcohol. Raw materials pletok Beer is a traditional ingredients, such as ginger juice original, Basil flower extract, sugar, and some kind of roots.

The first time you drink Beer pletok, taste on the tongue is a little spicy flavor sting. This is due to the water content of the original ginger in it. Then, the body will feel warm because of the effect of mixing the ingredients in the pletok Beer. This drink is very good for health and fit to drink during cold weather.

7. Fruit Chips KRIPIKITA


If too ordinary Cassava chips as souvenirs, you can try other variations as offered Kripikita. There are variants of fruit chips are offered, such as Jackfruit Chips, Apple Chips, Chips Pondoh, Chips Pineapple, Mango Chips, Caramel Banana chips, and many more.

Kripikita fruit chips is very suitable as a gift because it is resistant to several months. You can get a souvenir at the Mall WTC Matahari Unit G-115 (Ground Floor near the ATM Center).

8. Cake Semprong Glory

Cake Semprong Glory

Souvenirs typical of Jakarta this one simple shape, but it tastes very good. His name Cakes Semprong, brand Glory. Snacks that this one is suitable for souvenirs because besides being tasty, Cake Semprong also durable. Just a recommendation, the most delicious flavors are sesame flavor. The shape is more dense and fragrant wijen very appetizing.

If you are interested in trying to buy this cake is Semprong Glory, do not need to go far and straight to Jalan KS. Tubun III No. 2 Slipi, West Jakarta. There Semprong taste Sesame Cake in a jar packaging carton packs of 600 grams or 250 grams.

9. Bones Soft Pepes Ikan Mas - Petulu

Bones Soft Pepes Ikan Mas - Petulu

Want to bring souvenirs fast food with its unique packaging? Buy N Bones Software Pepes Ikan Mas - Petulu. Pepes fish this one is unique and suitable as souvenirs typical of Jakarta. Pepes Ikan Mas is not only able to eat meat, but also very soft bones.

Bones Software Pepes Ikan Mas - Petulu fairly precise to diet because the spices are taken from traditional materials. Cook it by steaming in banana leaves and fish cut into pieces and not refined as pepes most. If you want to enjoy Bones Software Pepes Ikan Mas - Petulu, you can go to Mayestik Citywalk Floor 1. Alternatively, stay only message delivery order for the service provided.

10. Souvenir Sowan

Souvenir Sowan

In the area of ​​Sunter, no souvenir sales center called Souvenir Sowan. In addition to providing souvenirs Jakarta original form of culinary or various handicrafts, also provided food from various other cities like Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Solo, Bandung, Padang, and other areas in Indonesia.

If you're buying souvenirs at this place, you may be interested to stop in Solo Kitchen restaurant located right next to the Souvenir Sowan. In this restaurant, you can enjoy typical Solo liwet rice that tastes super delicious.

11. KSM Souvenir Betawi

It is also one of the centers for souvenirs typical of Jakarta that specialized in providing culinary and handicraft native of Jakarta. As souvenirs of food available here, including Bir Pletok, Kembang Goyang, Seeds Ketapang, Shakes, Cakes Geplak, and much more.

If you get bored with the food, you can buy souvenirs at this place. There are shirts Jakarta, Jakarta sandals, key chains, miniature ondel-ondel, miniature rickshaw, and various other Jakarta themed souvenirs.

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