6 Culinary Delicious and Steady Typical Banten

Culinary - Banten Province is a province located on the western tip of Java island. Province which stood since 2000 is known by a variety of attractive tourist and rich history. However, who would have thought it Banten store a variety of culinary specialties no less delicious culinary-typical culinary another province. Curious? Here's his review.

1. Laksa Tangerang
Laksa Tangerang

Tangerang is a kind of typical laksa noodles or vermicelli doused with gravy. Laksa is made from rice with a chewy texture and squashed like spaghetti. While the sauce is a blend of coconut milk cooked with green beans, potatoes and chicken broth. As a connoisseur, Laksa Tangereng also served with chopped chicken in small or eggs. The taste is savory and delicious is very tempting and suitable enjoyed at any time.

2. Sate milkfish
Sate milkfish

As the name implies, this sate is made with basic ingredients milkfish. The milkfish itself is a fish with a very delicious taste but has a lot of thorns / bone. However, not to worry because the meat fish in this sate is already net of thorns. With a delicious seasoning and delicious fish meat, creating a blend of sweet and savory flavors, then it should have many distinctive culinary Serang popular among residents and tourists, and often serve as a souvenir.

3. Rice Sum-sum
Rice Sum-sum

Sum-sum rice is rice mixed with buffalo bone marrow that is cooked by fire. Rice and spices buffalo bone marrow cooked separately, then mixed with a way to fry. Once fried, rice mixture and marrow and then wrapped in banana leaves and then burned. Banten has a unique culinary flavors were delicious, savory and delicious. Food mainstay Serang area has been relatively rare, although there is still a few restaurants in the area that sell Serang.

4. Duck Sate of Cibeber

 Duck Sate of Cibeber

Sate Duck is one of the specialties of Banten in Cibeber. Satay is generally the same as the sate usual, but in this sate using duck meat and gravy instead of peanut sauce or gravy flour but the gravy made dai brown sugar mixed with various spices such as black pepper, leaves of lemon grass, turmeric, nutmeg, coriander and other ingredients , Duck meat satay sauce was delicious and sweet, savory and culinary delights make this one sold.

5. Rice Uduk Empal
Rice Uduk Empal

Uduk rice is a typical food Serang, Banten, which are often found in the early morning along the city of Serang. Uduk rice is rice mixed with coconut milk and cooked along with the bay leaves and lemon grass, then served with chunks of egg, fried tempeh and others. Rice is also given additional Uduk Empal meat known as rice Uduk Empal meat and are often found at night in the streets of the city of Serang.

6. rabeg Banten
rabeg Banten

Food is typical Banten this one almost can be found in various places in the area and Banten. Yes, rabeg is famous because of the delicacy of taste. Rabeg is goat meat and offal mixed with spices flavoring consisting of ginger, pepper, cinnamon, ginger and other natural flavors thus creating a sense of sweet and savory spicy at the same time. Because made from mutton, rabeg not recommended for diabetics because goat meat itself has a high cholesterol level.

That's typical of some top culinary Banten Province. Do not miss to taste it if you come to Banten yes! Besides the delicious taste, some of these foods can also take home as souvenirs.

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