10 Souvenirs Typical Semarang Most Famous

Semarang which is the capital of the province of Central Java has a series of reasons why you should visit it. Semarang became one of the cities in Indonesia with a diversity of culture and the Chinese were able to coexist harmoniously.

Already satisfied driving around semarang? Culinary tasting delicacies that already?Don't go home first! Buy 10 Semarang souvenirs here at home that families can also enjoy the city spring rolls is the same as you:

1. Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

Enjoy the spring rolls directly in his hometown can indeed cause a sensation. Everybite of the crispy chicken with savory sweet bamboo shoots could be making you not tired of chewing. What about the family at home? Home by bringing the other one would be the one way you demonstrate that you always remember them while on vacation to Semarang.

Not difficult to get spring rolls as gift shop. You can find spring rolls across the cityof Semarang. However, it's good You buy directly from the original place where the recipe for spring rolls were created. Come to Lombok's Gang who was in Chinatown. Here, you can buy the spring rolls are packaged in boxes or besek made of bamboo. The spring rolls here are still using the original recipe which maintained hereditary.

2. Rel Ganjel Breads

Rel Ganjel Breads

Heard of him you probably frowns, weird huh? But calm, though the name is weird, but it has a distinctive flavor of the bread. This bread is made from tapioca flour, coconut milk, watermolasses, sugar and cinnamon to supplement the aroma. Display as sweetener, bread sprinkled with sesame.
The texture of hard bread and chocolate colors making locals stay there again with the bearing rail. So, now you know where the name of this bread comes from. According to health experts, the hard texture of this bread making ganjel rail is good for health.

Bread ganjel rail is compulsory in the event of the presence ' or ' dugderan marchesbefore the fasting month. On a typical day, you would have little trouble finding this bread on the market. But not to worry, in the Centre of the Road, there are stores that Pandanaran provides this bread to take home as souvenirs.

3. Tofu Meatballs

Tofu Meatballs

Like drinking tea in the afternoon? Activity drink tea usually need snacks. Well, knowthe typical Meatball Semarang could be casual friends drinking tea in the afternoon.The taste is savory, very delicious served warm and eaten with cayenne pepper. There are two kinds of tofu meatballs meatballs fried tofu and IE knew boiled meatballs.No need to ask which one is better, because both are equally delicious indeed.
Know these meatballs will not be as popular as it is today if it weren't for Bu Pudji, aUnggaran. In 1995, he started his efforts with peddling his meatballs to know Government offices are there in Unggaran and Semarang. Because of the many who love this hawker, Bu Pudji finally made the idea his business fields as meatballs. Currently,know meatballs easily found in many shops by the traditional Semarang, especiallyon the road Pandanaran.

4. Mochi/Moaci Gemini

The mochi cakes known comes from abroad, turned out to be by the traditional Semarang. Mochi or the popular moaci Moaci Gemini is located at 101 West Kentangan Road, Semarang.

Moaci made of flour of glutinous flour dough that contains chopped nuts and sugar. It looks a little small round chewy Sesame sprinkles and surely will tempt anyone who saw it. Moaci Gemini made without preservatives and hold for up to one week.

5. Banding Juwana
Banding Juwana

Fansthe compulsory fish processed Milkfish Juwana Erlina that located at Jalan Pandanaran and Jalan Pamularsih 57 70, Semarang. Here, you go to heaven likea variety of processed fish Whitefish is delicious. Some processed milkfish can you bring home in between the thorns of milkfish, milkfish smoke and brain-brain banding.

In addition to the banding that is brought home, you can also enjoy the typical Banding Juwana Erlina stall food court located on the 2nd floor. You can taste the milkfish, milkfish Satay douchi and also gudeg banding.

6. Wingko Tripe

Wingko Tripe

Wingko is indeed not a typical hawker Semarang, but comes from a subdistrict in Lamongan i.e. Tripe. Spherical snacks in a variety of sizes with a legit this much sought after tourists who came to Semarang. The blend of flavors resulting from the choice of young coconut and sugar to make it taste delicious specialties.

One of the popular wingko Babat is Wingko Babat Rail Cap which is located in JalanCenderawasih 14, Semarang. From here it was started was introduced by Mrs Mulyono who hails from Tripe and settled in Semarang. It was originally sold in the neighborhood of Tawang Station, this is also the reason for naming it the companionship.

7. Super Brillian Cake

                              Super Brillian Cake

Brillian bread or Cake into a Super Brillian souvenirs next lot hunted. This bread can be found in the Palace of Brillian located on Jalan Simpang Lima Semarang.

Brillian bread made from the best choice and use of ancient recipes which still maintained its authenticity. Enjoy the diverse variants of tastes ranging from cheese, chocolatealmonds and raisins. No need to think long if you want to buy this bread as souvenirs back home. This bread can take days because of good packaging process so unchanged flavor though you bring back home.

8. The Costa Brava van Java

The Costa Brava van Java

Costa Brava label van Java. Although the name sounds familiar, but this original children t-shirts. Costa Brave is a beautiful coastal city in Europe. With the objectives ofthe memory of city beautiful, the invaders in Semarang city dub pun with the name.
The Costa Brava van Java has a unique design and fresh-made young people. Some designs which are images of Simpang Lima and Lawang Sewu. In addition to t-shirts, other accessories are available such as mugs, key chains and handbags. You can come to his Office at Jalan Tlogosari III No. 32A, Tembalang, Semarangor can order them online.

9. Semarang Batik
Semarang Batik

Who says only Yogyakarta which had a batik? Semarang also has a fairly unique batik. Batik semarang have motives different from other batik. Semarang motifs it is an overview of the typical landmarks of the city, for example, Blenduk Church Lawang Sewu and Young Monument.
To get this special batik, you can come to the Kampong of Batik Semarang is located on Jalan Batik. Here, you can not only buy, but also the process of making and also learning making batik.

10. A wide array of gift shop in Semarang Kampoeng

 A wide array of gift shop in Semarang Kampoeng

Still confused as to what you want to buy as a gift? Just come to Semarang Kampoeng located on Jalan Raya Kaligawe No.96. With the tagline ' One Stop ' Leasure, Semarang Kampoeng a suitable location for your hunting gift shop in one place.
Here, you can find a variety of snacks and crafts typical of Semarang which is produced from SME-SME terbak in Semarang. If Your hungry enough to restaurants are also located in the same area.

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