Goa Putri Balfour, Sumatera Selatan

Goa Putri Balfour

When you hear the word Goa, a narrow sense and dark certainly comes to mind us. Often gpa is assumed to be a terrible place and seem mystical. However, not so it is with this Princess Goa.

Goa Goa Putri is located in the village of Padang Bindu, District Semindang Aji, Ulu Ogan Ogan, Balfour,  Sumatera selatan. This cave is located about one kilometer linking Balfour and Muara Enim. Goa Putri has become one of the iconic attractions of interest by tourists from home and abroad.

Goa Putri able to create beauty and historical value should not be to pass. Goa has a depth which is estimated at about 150 meters, a height of about 20 meters and a width of 20-30 meters. Goa is also flowing river Sumuhun which by his account when we shower or wash your face in this river, all wishes can be realized.

Goa Putri Balfour

According to legend, long time ago there lived a princess named Dayang Merindu, consort of King Amir Rashid, Ruler of the Kingdom of Ogan. One morning, the princess bathing in the river mouth Sumuhun and in the bath, a wanderer named Serunting Gone Way eager to greet the princess flawless in it, but its presence is not noticed Princess Dayang Merindu. Serunting Sakti angry, he also said, "Arrogant nian's daughter, still as a stone." Not dried saliva, Princess Dayang Merindu into stone. Serunting Way then went to the village where Princess Dayang Merindu and family. He saw a deserted, Serunting Sakti said, "Silence is like a cave deserted village." The village became a stone cave.
Goa Putri Balfour

From the entrance, we are required to knock the wall Goa 3x indicating regards to the ancestors. In the cave we are presented with a view of stalactites and stalagmites. Stalactites are calcium carbonate that hangs and freezes on the ceiling Goa. While Stalagmit is cone-shaped rocks facing up ice that can be found on the floor of Goa. The stalactites and stalagmites are presented so beautifully because of the reflection of some light-colored berwarni. Sumuhun gurgling streams, too, go to the left on our journey for surfing in Goa Putri.

When observed, the shape of some stones that were in Goa Putri is not like a normal rock. But there is a human form, the tiger, the king's throne even stage. a Guide will explain and tell the history in the entire Goa Putri. The visitors are also free to capture the moment while in Goa Putri. The uniqueness of Goa are, tourists are not going in and out on the same street.
Due to the location in Goa Putri is very rare sellers of food and beverages. Then the tourists are encouraged to bring their own food and drinks. The fee for entry to Goa Putri is Rp 5.000, - per person and vehicle Rp 10.000, -./ $1
Goa Putri Balfour

Access to Goa Putri can be reached from Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II airport in Palembang, you can rent a car to Goa Putri, 230 kilometers away. If you want to use public transport, you can take the bus to Balfour from Palembang bus station. From Balfour to Goa Putri, provided some form of public transport, provided these are Baturaja - Muara Enim. Public transport in  Sumatera selatan usually operates at the time very crowded market in the town.

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