10 souvenirs of Surabaya

1.  Almond Crispy

An almond crispy snacks that are hits in Surabaya. Despite the initial appearance is still quite long, but managed to be excellent crispy almond typical souvenirs City of Heroes. Snacks made from eggs, flour, sugar, powdered milk as well as cheese and almond topping. Even though it is quite practical and simple ingredients, but taste is generated can not be underestimated.
Almond crispy consists of three main flavors are original cheese, chocolate and grean tea. All three are equally delicious and keeps you will not stop chewing since the first bite. Almond crispy very thin and crispy is suitable as afternoon tea or coffee in the afternoon.

2.  Sambal Udang Bu Rudy
Sambal Udang

Here it is a gift that is suitable for you lovers of spicy. Sambal Udang Bu Rudy much sought after by tourists, they usually buy condiment packaging in large quantities at once. According to buyers, Sambal Udang Bu Rudy has a distinctive taste that is not found in other condiment.
Please pay a visit to one of its biggest branch in Jalan Dharmahusada 140, Surabaya. Here, you are free to choose various kinds of sauce from the shrimp sauce, onion sauce until the sauce plow. Chili-sauce is packaged in a variety of sizes. There is also a presto milkfish, smoked milkfish and shrimps and fish crispy.

3.  Spikoe Ancient Recipes
Spikoe Ancient Recipes

Spikoe ancient recipe is a delicious layer cake that uses ancient recipes that taste will not change. Spikoe or Spiku consists of three layers of yellow-brown-yellow with a sweet taste and texture is very soft due to the manufacturing process uses a lot of eggs.
Spikoe Ancient Recipes is a business development Santoso family. In 1976, Mrs. Santoso artificial Spiku very victorious, but then the business is closed in 1982 due to several things. Then in 2002, Paul Santoso, who was the eldest son of this family back open for business Spiku cake using a recipe handed down his family.
Ancient Recipes Spikoe at Jalan Rungkut Madya 41 consists of two packages, namely regular and specials. Package specials are usually available on the day of Idul Fitri, Christmas and Chinese New Year. Additionally, Ancient Recipes Spikoe also accept orders for weddings, birthdays and others.

4.  Fish Crackers Kenjeran

Seafood is abundant in Turkish Kenjeran, Surabaya, making the people around creative make various processed products. One result of the creativity of the residents are a variety of crackers made from seafood.
If you cross the road or surrounding area Sukolilo Kenjeran Beach, from afar you can already smell the distinctive aroma crackers being sold here. These crackers are sold in its raw state and ready to eat. Crackers consists of a variety of colors in accordance with its main ingredients such as black for squid crackers, green for seaweed crackers and chocolate for shellfish crackers.
If you buy these crackers as souvenirs, you just choose the crackers in a package to suit your taste. For the price, these crackers are generally priced Rp 15000-300000 / kg.

5.  Witchcraft Snack

Who would have thought a simple cassava and potato chips can be packaged interesting and suitable as a souvenir after the holiday of Surabaya. Witchcraft Snack able to bring a different sensation in these snacks. Please taste balado cassava chips and spicy sweet potato keriping that you definitely do not eat enough of the pack.
Not only cassava and potato chips, Witchcraft Snack also provides fried meatballs or commonly abbreviated Basreng, samosas, chips dragon fruit and a variety of other delicious pastry. Currently, Witchcraft Snack only accept orders via BBM, Twitter and Whatsapp only.

6.  Siropen Telasih

Surabaya it has a distinctive refreshing drinks, Siropen Telasih. This drink has been established since 1923 and is managed by Dutch company, until then fell to Indonesiasetelah experiencing change ownership several times.
Previously, only the nobility could enjoy this Telasih Siropen. Drinks produced in Jalan Mliwis not use artificial sweeteners altogether. This makes Siropen Telasih has a distinctive flavor and delicious. This drink consists of several flavors such as tangerine, vanilla, frambosen, roses and cocopandan.
If you want to buy as souvenirs, you can choose regular or premium packaging. In the premium packaging, Siropen Telasih packaged in a similar bottle of wine that makes it look luxurious and classy.

7.  Bunarendang

Bunarendang stands Nasi Rendang Burger. Well, what kind of food is it? Bunarendang is fast food with typical Padang rendang dishes along with rice shaped like a burger. Burger which typically use bread, here modified using rice printed like bread.
Bunarendang is the creation of a group of students hasl Ten November Institute (ITS). They were inspired by the prestige rendang that comes into the ranks of the world's 50 delicious culinary version of CNN. Bunarendang you can find at some point as the region Manyar, Supermarkets Sakinah ITS, Airlangga University Faculty of Humanities and Dukuh Kupang district.
This culinary created using wet rendang. This makes Bunarendang be eaten as soon as it is presented. But this does not become a hindrance if you want to bring Bunarendang as souvenirs. You can warm it in the microwave shortly after arriving home and eat immediately while warm.

8.  Abon Sapi Padmosusastro

Who can resist the pleasure of abon? Abon very delicious eaten with rice warm. If you are a fan of shredded beef, try to come to Jalan Padmosusastro. You'll find a row of vending abon delicious.
Available in two variants shredded spicy and sweet flavor that is. If confused choosing, just buy them because guaranteed you will not regret it. Abon is packaged in a variety of sizes. In addition to buying the finished product, you can also see the process of making abon here.

9.  Jenang and Mangrove Syrup
Mangrove Syrup

If the usual mangrove can only find by way of looking at the tree, this time you can enjoy it as porridge and syrup. Thank your group mangrove farmers in Jalan Sonnetaria, Rungkut. Thanks to them, the interest dioleh mangrove can be delicious porridge and fresh syrup.
This mangrove porridge brown with a chewy texture and flavor legit. Jenang usually wrapped in dried banana leaves. For mangrove syrup, sweet and sour tastes tend to be fresh when served cold. This syrup is believed to contain vitamins A and C and iodine are also antioxidants that are good for the body.

10.  Kaos Cak Cuk

Cak Cuk

If you think a gift of food can not be durable, try buying a shirt typical Arek Suroboyo, Cak Cuk. Cak Cuk itself is a distro that stood in 2005 and existed until now. Not unlike Joger of Bali and Dagadu dariYogyakarta, Cak Cuk offer creative designs with drawings and writings typical of young people.
Cak Cuk products not only T-shirts, you can also find key chains, pins, mugs and bags. To be more familiar with the product's Cak Cuk, just come to the outlets scattered at some point in Surabaya. Outlets predominantly yellow and blue colors is one of them located at Jalan Dharmawangsa 35,Surabaya.

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