7 Foods Sumatra Barat

1. Rendang

Beef rendang is bersantan traditional cuisine with beef as the main ingredient. Typical cuisine of West Sumatra, Indonesia is very popular in all circles of society both in Indonesiasendiri or abroad.
In addition to beef, rendang also use coconut (Karambia), and a mixture of different herbs among typical Indonesia Chili (lado), galangal, lemongrass, onion and various spices which are commonly referred to as (Cookers).
In 2011 through the internet poll involving 35,000 respondents held CNN International, crowned as the dish Rendang ranked first in the list of 'World's 50 Most Delicious Foods' (50 tastiest dish of the World).

2. Jerky Balado
Jerky Balado

almost all restaurants desert in western Sumatra presents a menu dendeng, the food is made of beef in thin slices and in the love of spices and in the sun to dry, then just fried and in love LADO (red pepper) yummi hmmmm ,, ,, ,, please tastes very good for readers who had the opportunity to WEST SUMATRA do not forget to taste the beef jerky batokok

3. jerky batokok

jerky batokok

as well as dendeng, jerky batokok also in almost every restaurant field is provided, the difference is that the jerky batokok in pounding / clubbed or mashed after cooking and of course with marinade distinctive and sprinkle with red pepper on it ... in guarantee hooked ...



Soto is a dish berkuah taste and characteristic of each in each region, and not behind, western Sumatra also has a menu of soup that is better known by the name SOTO PADANG, soto padang flavored savory with a mixture of chili sauce typical red is perfect for in taste with the family ...



Indonesian people are not necessarily familiar with the menu satay and some areas in Indonesia have characteristic respectively, characteristic of Sate Padang are no additional soy sauce as well as skewers on the island of Java, and also Sate Padang has a characteristic savory taste mixed spicy plus with a sprinkling of fried onions add flavor ...

6.LAMANG Tapai (glutinous)


well here it is the food that I like, his name lamang Tapai ,, hmmmm ... this food sich he comes from coastal areas to the south, but almost all regions there Kabau minang this meal ,, food base material is sticky rice that tastes very distinctive, sweet taste mixed with the taste of the fermented nikmat..coba guaranteed deh ... addictive ....

7. KALIO BALUIK (kalio eel)

KALIO BALUIK (kalio eel)

samba lado tanak the typical dishes of the village river guava, waist Marapi, flat kab.tanah western Sumatra. at if from chili that has been milled, coconut milk that has been cooked mixed with anchovy, bananas, potatoes ... hmmmm yummy ,, which is typical of this cuisine is spicy that makes you ask ampunnn ,,, please the try ..

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