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Fort Oranje

If you are lovers of history, of Fort Orange Ternate name or by foreign tourists, better known as Fort Oranje asinng is no longer for you. Dutch Colonial government forts have now become an important site, one of the mainstay attractions of Ternate city. Looks strong despite austere impression remains visible, given this castle centuries-old became the main attraction for tourists who visit.

At the beginning of its establishment Terate Fort Orange has a very strategic role

Fort Oranje

, Because this magnificent fort is headquarters VOC Indies. Development carried out in 1607 by Cornelis Matclief de Jonge at the location in the former castle land belonging to the Sultanate of Ternate were defeated by the Spanish, of course, this was before the Dutch master the Ternate. Ternate island which is one of the producer of spices - spice world, became a target area of ​​the Europeans.
As one of mainstay attractions, local authorities aware of the deficiencies that must be addressed in order to Ternate Fort Oranje is still ogled by tourists. Ternate City Government has do many improvements of facilities and infrastructure in this historic Attractions. If you visit now you will be very satisfied with the condition of the fort looked neat, not to mention many traders and street vendors as chaotic Souvenir Several years ago. Making a beautiful garden in the courtyard of the Citadel, complete with fountains and lights Gave the impression gorgeous ornamental shade and fresh for tourists who unwind after walking around circling the area.

Fort Oranje


Oranje fort itself is located in Jalan DR. Hasan Boesoiri, Village Gamalama, District Central Ternate, Ternate, Maluku Utara province. The location of this fort was the center of the commercial district of Ternate City.


Historically, the presence of this castle can not be separated from the land that was there, that spices. Beginning with the arrival of an Admiral VOC named Kornelis Matelief de Jonge in 1607 who wanted to help the Sultan of Ternate excuse to expel the Spanish from Ternate. On his success, de Jonge got permission from Sultan Ternate to establish a fort in the same place as Fort Malayo, a Portuguese fort. In addition, the Sultan of Ternate also gave permission to the VOC to a monopoly of the spice trade in the territory of the Sultanate of Ternate.
The first step Admiral Matelief de Jonge is built a fort around Kampung Melayu, and ask jogugu Hidayat to mobilize hundreds of Ternate and Jailolo to work every day to help build the fortress. Oranje fort was founded on the former old fort originally built by the Portuguese.
When construction is completed in 1609, the fort was occupied by 150 soldiers with five officers and was the first Dutch garrison in Maluku. Later this fort was renamed Fort Oranje by the Dutch authorities at the time, Francoise Wittert. However, the names Malayo fort is still in use until a few years later. Malayo first fort named for the location of the fortress stands located in the area around the settlement of Malay. That said, the Malays have been in Ternate since the 14th century to trade.
On February 17, 1613, when Pieter Both was appointed the first Governor General of VOC, VOC in Dutch BOC set the Maluku region as a center official position VOC and Fort Oranje became the choice of the official residence of the Governor General of VOC. Pieter Both and several Governor General later lived in this castle.

Trapezoid-shaped fort Oranje stands on an area of ​​12,680 m² and has 4 pieces bastion at each corner. This fort wall height of about 5 meters with a slope of 4 degrees. The thickness of the outer wall of the castle building is about 1 meter. Meanwhile, the wall inside the castle has a thickness of 0.75 meters.
On top of this there is a rampart castle wall or bypass that connects the four bastions at each corner. Rampart is located at a height of about 3.5 meters from the ground and has a distance of about 1.1 meters of altitude wall.

On both the inside corner of the bastion which is located in the Northwest and Northeast there is a ramp measuring 15 x 3 meters to get to the top of the bastion. In addition there are also two pieces of ladder-shaped semi-circle on the inside of the main gate and the bastion in the Southwest. Meanwhile, above the main gate there is a large bell which is supported by two large wooden beams. Originally artificial bell Perio Bocarro Diaz in 1603 was imported directly from Portugal, and was placed in the castle Gamlamo. However, when the Portuguese left Ternate, the bell was moved VOC and hung at the entrance of the fort Oranje. Until 1950 this bell was attached there, and since 1951 was removed and stored at the Catholic Church (Rock Church) in Ternate.

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