6 Food Typical Famous Riau

There are some things that are usually sought after by tourists during a visit in the city of Pekanbaru. The first of the most sought after is Batik Riau. Batik Riau travelers are highly sought after due to the motives of his famous Malay distinctive and beautiful. Besides the tourists usually look for sites in pekanbaru, pekanbaru culinary place, by the typical Pekanbaru, Pekanbaru SPA place and the food is typical Riau / Malay. Add one more mandatory and very special to try is the fruit Durian Pekanbaru. Well, if you happened to be looking for info about the typical food Riau / Malay, the following article shall be read.

1. Catfish Stew

Catfish Stew

Patin fish curry is one of the typical food icons Riau is quite famous. The existence of Pekanbaru city flanked by four rivers Siak, Rokan River, Sungai Kampar and Indragiri River Allows Pekanbarugetting supplies catfish were plentiful. Catfish goulash distinctiveness lies in the yellow broth with pieces of a large catfish. The fish meat is low in cholesterol he is gentle with a very savory taste especially if the marinade to penetrate to the flesh. Aroma cooking was really capable of tempting whoever is nearby. For those of you who want to know where are the places recommended to eat fish curry Patin please click the article link on where to eat fish curry Patin.

2. Fish slice Smoke

Fish slice Smoke

The food is typical next Riau is a fish slice. Fish slice is a native fish that comes from Riau. Connoisseurs of these fish are huge numbers, so that the supply of fish slice for consumers must be maintained. You will find a lot of fish are processed slice asapan. Moreover, if used as an additional menu of dishes with spices that will make it more delicious. The fish meat slice smoked taste crisp and distinctive. Usually it is served with a spicy red sauce. This fish dish is a culinary recommended to try when you come to look around Pekanbaru travel. For those of you who want to enjoy the crunchy fish slice, eat a sequence number 1 to number 3 in the following article also provides a menu of fish slice. Please click the following link to see a list of where to eat.

3. Asam Pedas Baung
Asam Pedas Baung

Baung is a freshwater fish that has high protein but low in fat. These fish live in large Sungi or estuaries. Asam Pedas Baung cooked with spices such as sere, ginger, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric leaf, red peppers and others. Reddish broth. The flesh is soft and chewy but not mushy. For those of you who want to taste delicious Asam Pedas Baung please visit Pondok Asam Pedas Baung. It is located across from the Hospital Early Bross. If the slide of the airport restaurants selling typical food Riau will be on the left the road.

4. Roti Canai

Roti Canai

The food is typical Riau 4th is Canai bread. Roti Canai is the name of a flat-shaped bread that is influenced by Indian culture. The bread is quite commonly found in the Malay countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and of course Indonesia, one of which is in the area of ​​Riau. The bread is made with a thin playing up, after it folded and then baked with oil .. Roti Canai very tasty tender and tasty. And do not forget, roti canai it has a true partner whose name curried mutton. How to eat it with bread and dipped tore into curried mutton or lamb. Wow, the savory flavor will be embedded in our tongue.

5. Mie Slime

Mie Slime

The food is typical Riau that all these 5 unique name. When I heard the first time maybe we kind of felt weird. How ga strange because the name of this food called "Mie Slime". These noodles are well known in Batam and Riau Islands. But apparently in Pekanbaru in Riau was noodles with thick sauce is also also have their own fans. Food consisted of yellow noodles boiled along with sprouts and are usually eaten with boiled eggs. These noodles thick gravy made from peanuts, sweet potatoes and other spices added. This is what causes the food is referred to as noodles mucus. Usually people enjoy the specialties of Riau as breakfast in the morning. For those who want to enjoy noodles mucous please visit the feeding site around Jl. Ahmad Yani Pekanbaru.

6. Soups Tunjang

Soup Tunjang

Tunjang soup into a typical food sixth Riau recommended. Tunjang soup is a soup of cow bones were still covered with thick flesh. Smell the fragrance will be felt once the soup was served to our dinner table. The flesh is soft, easily removed from the bone. It seemed not asked, was really the champion! Seasonings and its spices are felt at the time the broth through our throats. But do not worry for those of you who have "senior" age in place in Tunjang soup sales usually also provide meat soup. So you'll be free to eat meat without passing through the struggle to release the meat from the bone. Soups decent Tunjang try is soup First Tunjang. First there's the location Soups Tunjang jl. Pinang Pekanbaru (opposite the Prince).

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