7 Food Delicious Bengkulu

7 Food Delicious Bengkulu Mandatory Tested!
Indonesia is famous for a variety of culinary rich in flavor with a variety of condiments and spices racik. Each region has its culinary peculiarities of each region as well as a food icon and pride of its people. Various culinary spread from the west end to the east end of the archipelago. One of the areas that have food that is worth trying is Bengkulu.

Bengkulu is located in the southwestern part of the island of Sumatra. Bengkulu city is bordered by West Sumatra is located in the north. To the east of the province of Jambi Bengkulu and South Sumatra, while in the south of Bengkulu was Lampung.

With the diverse cultures that are in the vicinity, Bengkulu city with a rich culinary blend of diverse flavors. With the culinary wealth that may be difficult to find in any area, then you need to try some of the offerings not to be missed if berdarma travel into the city. The following is a "7 Food Delicious Typical Bengkulu".

1. Acid Shoots steps Liling

Acid Shoots steps Liling

If you see a strand of bamboo, probably never imagined us to just taste it. But in Bengkulu, bamboo dishes into culinary savory one to be enjoyed. Bamboo shoots are bamboo shoots. Because the texture is still soft, bamboo shoots can be thinly sliced ​​vegetables such as cucumber and papaya.

The process begins by soaking bamboo shoot processing. This soaking process is done for days to get a sense of acidity and softness that fit. Well, yes indeed need extra patience. After the bamboo shoots and plus round the digulai. Liling is a kind of black rice field snails. Savory flavor obtained after smeared round the bamboo shoots and sour sauce, onions, coconut milk, peppers, tomatoes and lemongrass. The combination of these herbs cooked with water until boiling and enjoyment round the railroad sour bamboo shoots ready to shake your tongue.

2. Stew


The goulash is a kind of food is the main ingredient used coconut milk and the contents can be vegetables, fish, shrimp and others. While the spices using regular curry spices like chillies, turmeric, galangal, ginger, onion, garlic and foliage such as bay leaf, turmeric leaves, lime leaves and lemongrass.

In Bengkulu, there are various types of goulash, among which are: goulash teghung (eggplant), curry cucumber (cucumber) ripe, sweet bamboo shoot curry, curry Kambas, palau fish curry, curry bungo sesilo (papaya flower) and many others. The following provides a brief overview of the curry-coconut curry.

3. Pendap


If you see the shape of pendap, we will remember the botok Javanese food. Botok and pendap has the same shape as wrapped in leaves, have the same ingredients namely coconut, and both use the meat. Only pendap more sour taste derived from the long process of boiling time and seasoning blend that varies.

The cuisine is famous for its strong taste. This is justified in view of their ingredients are varied, some concoction that need to be prepared are garlic, onion, kencur, coconut, minced chili, and of course fresh fish meat. These materials are then duk with coconut that has been shredded. After mixing evenly, the spices, put a piece of fish, then boiled for 8 hours.

4. Tempoyak


Unique, one word that describes this food. Tempoyak is fermented from fruit durian. Sour taste that is characteristic tongue Bengkulu. These foods can also be processed into sauce and gravy. Actually, tempoyak is a typical food of the three areas at once, namely, Jambi, Palembang and Bengkulu.

Culinary This one can be eaten directly. However, this is rarely done because many are not resistant to the acidity and aroma of tempoyak itself. How? Do you dare to try?

Tempoyak curry dish can be found in a restaurant in the area Marola, Teluk Segara, Bengkulu, or exactly 3 kilometers from the city center. In these places, you can also find other Bengkulu typical foods, such as sour bagar palak.

5. Lapek binti

Lapek binti

Saucer bint is a kind of food cakes Bengkulu. To make it, we need to prepare this cake two parts, namely the dough skin and stuffing the dough will be ready covered skin. For the dough skin, this cuisine is made from glutinous rice flour, salt, and coconut milk. As for the mill beef stuffing is mixed with coconut milk mixed with spices, ginger and bay leaves. All the ingredients are wrapped in banana leaves and boiled. Over time, this culinary processed in different ways and the contents were varied.

6. Bagar shark

Bagar shark

Bagar shark is the first Bengkulu typical food recipes based from the shark. As the name implies, this cuisine using shark meat and usually the type used is a shark pigeon or horn sharks because not too fishy and had a soft skin and a taste that is not too fishy. That said, bagar shark is one of the favorite foods of former President Sukarno during exile in 1938-1942.

Spices need to be prepared is the onion, garlic, turmeric, lime leaves, bay leaves, and galangal, various other basic spices, taste this food supplement. Coconut milk is not created. So, bagar shark it does not use coconut milk even though there.

No special treatment in the manufacture bagar sharks. When the processing of sharks, extra time and patience is needed. This is because the stench is also a bit of rancid on shark meat is difficult to remove. Usually people cleared of shark meat repeatedly by soaking them in water, add juice of banana leaves and lemon.

7. Lema


Lema is a typical food Rejang name. Its composition consists of bamboo shoots chopped-chopped and mixed with freshwater fish such as tilapia fish, Sepat, as well as small fish that live in fresh water. After the chopped bamboo shoots mixed with the fish stirred, then the dough is stored in a container lined with banana leaves and sealed. The fermentation process takes at least three days. After that, a new entry batter was cooked and eaten with rice. In effect, the typical regional food Rejang acidity and aroma that is strong enough. However, much like the taste and make it as a side dish along with rice and vegetables.

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