9 Souvenir Typical Jambi Before Attempted

Indonesia has one of the very rich hue of travel, especially refined culinary. Not least in the province of Jambi. As one of the areas on the island of Sumatra, culinary or souvenirs typical in Jambi has similarities with processed neighboring regions such as Palembang (South Sumatra), Jambi, Pekanbaru (Riau Province) and Padang (West Sumatra).

But make no mistake, although somewhat similar, but each cuisine has its own peculiarities. Here are some of the souvenirs are worth a try when you visit Edinburgh.

1. Pempek

Who does not know pempek, foods are already widely known throughout Indonesia. If during this time a lot of people know pempek Palembang, Jambi also exist. So, what's the difference? Some time ago had appeared a polemic about pempek between Jambi provincial government with the South Sumatra provincial government. The issue is a matter where the origin pempek itself.
Some say from Palembang, but for Jambi, Jambi pempek own traditions and its own culture. Most humanists even say Jambi, Jambi pempek different from pempek Palembang. Either processed or cultural characteristics of the presentation. Pizzeria in Jambi originally an ordinary meal served when the big events, such as weddings or banquets king. In fact, it is said, the difference pempek Jambi to Palembang in cuka, when in Palembang can damage the teeth, but in Jambi not damage teeth. Pizzeria in Jambi are also sold with various kinds. Almost in every corner of the city of Jambi many selling pempek.

2. Otak-otak

Just like pempek, brains also become the food was already widely known. But once again, in Jambi definitely another. Moreover, brains in Jambi made from local fish processed products which are largely sourced from the Batang Hari River, the longest river in Sumatra. For most residents of Jambi, the Batang Hari River is the pulse. In fact, until someone said, "terminum Batang Hari River water, it's hard to forget Jambi," Believe?

3. Tempoyak Jambi
Tempoyak Jambi

Again the food is the same as the type of food in neighboring areas, such as Palembang, Bengkulu and Riau. Yet another point is definitely another flavor. There is no harm in trying tempoyak typical of Jambi, which of course made the original durian fruit mixed with typical fish Jambi Batang Hari River, certainly will pamper you. To search tempoyak in Jambi do not need to be difficult, several food outlets in Jambi always prepared this meal.

4. Dodo Pineapple
Dodo Pineapple

Pineapple into one commodity in Jambi. Jambi pineapple producing areas in the district are Tangkit Mauarojambi. Originally this area was a swamp area. However, by a group of immigrants from Sulawesi, the area was transformed as a regional center for pineapple plantations.
Almost all citizens Tangkit dependent on the production of pineapple. No doubt, a variety of processed pineapple too much on production by residents in the area Tangkit. Not only dodol, a number of preparations made from pineapple are also produced here. It never hurts to try.

5. Lempok Durian
Lempok Durian

As one of the areas in Sumatra, Jambi also known as durian. Not only as the fruit is eaten. Durian Jambi too many processed into certain types of food. One is Lempok Durian. In some typical food outlets Jambi, Lempok also sold.

6. Duku Kumpeh
Duku Kumpeh

Just like pempek, about duku also been a polemic between Jambi to South Sumatra. The second area of ​​overlapping claims would this fruit. But whatever it is, in fact, for those of you who have tasted Duku Kumpeh certain to say "this duku tasty". Duku Kumpeh indeed grown and raised in the District Kumpeh, Muarojambi District.

Not only the local market, it also melalang duku globe once exported to many countries, especially in Asia. In fact, many traders fruit from Palembang who had come to Edinburgh to buy original duku this Kumpeh. Some areas in Jambi also overgrown duku with good enough quality. But indeed, for most citizens of Jambi, Duku Duku Kumpeh known as the best quality.

7. Various Types of Cake
Various Types of Cake

Unlike other areas in general, Jambi also has several different types of cakes are worth a try when you visit the 'Earth Land Pusako Betuah' this. Some kind of cake that is in Jambi include, swimming buayo cake, cake padamaran, srikayo sticky rice cake, cake mortar, garlic cake, sponge cake Kojo and various types of cakes.

8. Coffee 'AAA'
Coffee 'AAA'

Coffee 'AAA' is actually a trademark of one of the original copies of Jambi. However, the coffee brand is only sold in Jambi. However, over time, the coffee 'AAA' many well-known people and become one of the typical souvenirs made Jambi many snacks to visitors. Jambi area also known as the granary of coffee like Kerinci, Merangin and Tanjung Jabung Barat (Tanjabar).

9. Tea Kayu Aro
Tea Kayu Aro

This tea is also a trademark. Kayu Aro tea comes from the expanse of tea plantations in Kerinci district which is of Dutch heritage. That said, the original tea plantations Kerinci became one of the tea craze for royal families in Europe such as the UK and the Netherlands.

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