Enjoy Nature Rafting River Berau | Bengkulu

Rafting River Berau
Enjoying Vacations River Berau - This attraction is a potential location of whaling. In addition, there are other potential that allows you, the world of adventure lovers, interested to visit. If you're curious, please read the continuation of the following reviews so relieved.


Rafting River Berau

Unlike some rivers in Indonesia, Berau river have water clean and clear. It invites you to taste it with water play. Moreover, in this place there is also a wide variety of fish species. Travelers who came were allowed to hunt fish here. At the upstream there is a waterfall in the forest pristine and untouched by it. Thus, every second of your trip around the river is an unspeakable blessing of God Almighty.


River Berau in this exciting, namely natural charm. But, there are other interesting things that will encourage you to come to the attractions at this Bengkulu. In the anniversary of Mukomuko, always held rowing boat on the river. So, for those of you who are adventurous, just come here on the happy day and following the race. These attractions could eventually be the concept of development if they see the existing culture. By sowing seeds of custom shades, in addition to offering custom wedding event 'Kids Daro to the bath water', which means the newborn immediately bathed in the river.


Rafting River Berau

Attractions River Berau is a proper water rafting locations. The water discharge was swift and full of obstacles. So, definitely the adventurous and rafting maniacs will be amazed with the experience they can. You also have to try it. However, before that to prepare yourself, both physically and mentally for the activities that you do run smoothly.


River Berau is situated on the banks of the causeway West (Jalinbar) Bengkulu. The river is 30 km from the town of Mukomuko. To go to a location, you can use a motorcycle, a car or a rental vehicle. For the latter option, there are two types of vehicles that can be rented, namely motorcycles and cars. The first cost-Rp60,000 to Rp100,000 and Rp300,000-Rp500,000 second, -. Both already includes gasoline and driver's cars are also included as well as the rent for approximately 8-9 hours a day.


Because the place is commonly used as rafting locations, certainly there are facilities to support it, namely rental tools rafting. With a hefty fee in accordance with pockets adventurous, you can enjoy the water activities. In addition, there are also hostels around the stream to your stay overnight.

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