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 Alam Mayang

Have you visited the Mayang nature? you must try. This tour can be used as an alternative for recreation with family or with your friends. Location of this resort is located Jln. H. Imam Munandar, Pekan Baru, Indonesia. Distance from downtown about ± 8 km, you only takes 15 minutes. Could walk to enjoy the atmosphere of Pekanbaru, or if you want to ride a two-wheeled or four-wheeled. The beauty of nature mayang very suitable for you who have family members who travel a lot because there are a variety of attractions that you must try. Rates price is cheap only Rp 15,000, 00 per person.

 Alam Mayang

Here's a list of rides that are at Alam Mayang:

• Forum for the water contained in the Alam Mayang:

      - Bike water         - Banana Boat
      - Bogel                 - Camper Boat
      - Pedicab              - Train Naga
      - Magic carpet      - Shower Balloons and Balloon Skip
• Out bund and the outdoors:

      - Fishing               - Safari Fox
      - Shooting targets - Shoot Reaction
      - Flying fox          - Bomb-Bomb Car

• The entertainment consisted of a clown, monkey, 3D studio, as well as dance performances and festivals

In the midst of lush shade trees, Alam Mayang also provides a variety of games.
Not only for children, for adults is also available.

Starting from the carousel, water bikes, car bombs, bath balls, ATV, fishing pond, until the flying fox was in it.

Nothing wrong if this place becomes the ultimate choice when spending time with family in the holiday period.
 Alam Mayang

Suitable also to relieve fatigue and tired of the bustle of daily activities.
Especially in the city of Pekanbaru very rarely open natural tourist sites like this.
While in the location of the Alam Mayang, you will be forgotten for a moment with job burnout and busyness of everyday activities.

In addition to be used as a holiday with family, nature recreational parks Virgin is also widely used for gathering activities, live band, as well as a camping ground.

Moreover, at the time when the holiday season arrives, the manager of Mayang nature often provide a variety of exciting entertainment, such as the attraction clowns, music events, and more.
 Alam Mayang

No less hebohnya, in the evening the audience was spoiled with the evening entertainment with fireworks, which were held in the middle of a lake in the middle of Alam Mayang.

Moreover, at this location are also regularly held carnival nature, such as fashion motivated and leaves and other nature.

Inside, you will not be timed.
This location is open starting from early morning until at night at certain times.

It turns out full travel bukan.tempat area that is very fitting for a big family you for unrivaled owned memupuni enough for those who enjoy. Ticket prices are cheap enough not to drain your pockets. For his trip was already described above, can walk or using the vehicle to suit your taste. But it's good when walking because in addition to not drain the bag can also enjoy the atmosphere of Pekan Baru. You should also remember fixtures and equipment must not be missed. The beauty of this Virgin nature is the management of the Government so it all depends on the government. So stay what else take your family or friends to enjoy Nature Mayang, in addition to cost too close. Thus the info I can give to the reader. May be useful.

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