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goa pindul

Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta indeed has many tourist attractions. If we usuallyalways type associated with beaches. It turns out there are other tourist attractionsare no less good than the beach. Gunung Kidul area also there is goa which we canfollow. There are many caves that exist in Gunung Kidul and one of goa who've never I visit is the Cave Pindul.

Goa is the title of the Pindul, Bejiharjo, Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul. Length of goa this Pindul about 350 metres, we can follow these goa using an in-car/truck tires. From there we will feel the sensations are quite different. Anyway the exciting deh, but in fact will be much more fun if as we're down this deserted in the State of goa. Not too crowded by visitors.
goa pindul

HTM which payment of 30 k, we'll borrow a vest and carrying a ban in everyone. After that we walked about 15 minutes to get to start our initial entry into goa. usually in one of our squad/groups are limited to 10-15 people. Depending on thecrowded/longer visitors. But I think lately the hell dont Pindul Goa visitors there longer. Even had time to spread the photos when the Goa Pindul overload.

Each group will be ultimate two officers, one the front as the directions, and the other on the back as a set or keep the participants who may be left behind. So each person per group of mandatory mutual hold cord-grip tyres let not scattered. Up in we could see the stalagmites and stalactites as well. In addition, we can see the hordes of residents of goa Pindul (flock of bats) commonly they refer to as "kampret".

Goa is actually starting to sound buzzes around the year 2010an. Up to now this cave being one of the places that is so sought after by students or visitors who holiday in Yogyakarta. We hope this goa, goa-goa or the other can be maintained clean with no litter. And certainly the visitors or the Manager could be more wisely by receiving visitors goa not origin were included. As the case several months yesterday thatvisitors look human, they can't move because of the overload.

Goa pindul themselves are now maintained by a group of residents in the village ofBejiharjo. In goa is still a lot of stalactites and hundreds of bats that live here. By the Guide later designate dijelasin about history and info on goa. Oh yes this IDR30000price includes guide services, tools to cave tubing as well as insurance. So we ga longer need ngasih tip to his guide.

To achieve this, Pindul goa location from the city center you can ride vehicles down the road School. After arriving in the area of Bejiharjo, you can ask the locals, but later you usually know for sure because there is writing welcome to Goa Pindul. And later there will be taxis/guide that can take you to the location. When using transportojeg, passengers will not be charged a fee.

In exploring Goa Pindul we will climb the tires are large, luxury of Stalactites that you can enjoy will be felt so amazing! Cave tubing or down goa begins. Stalactite and stalagmite started to say hello. Sitting with jawed looked up to the top of the perfect beauty.

Still confused as to where the want to go when you are in Yogyakarta? Don't worry,Yogyakarta has lots of attractions that will spoil your eyes. one is the Pindul of Goa.

Fame Goa Pindul make much once domestic and foreign tourists are curious with the beauty. The location itself is located in located in the village Bejiharjo, district Coral Mojo, Gunung Kidul Regency. But unfortunately, although quite popular among nature lovers, Goa Pindul are still less popular for some people. No wonder then thatmany do not know directions and routes to reach Goa Pindul.

The most delicious way to reach Goa Pindul is to use private vehicles. You can go toGoa by crossing the road to Pindul Road School. If from Yogyakarta, then the direction in line with the route to the Kids Fun and bukit bintang. Follow the road until you will pass lush Tleseh Forest. After going through the forest, you'll pass through the intersection of ivory. Please choose the right path towards Wonosari city with a mileage of about 3 hours. Right on monument city limits in the form of a gate, you will see the Bunderan Siyono. Here you can rent a taxi can take you to the caves of Pindul. If you are using GPS, coordinates Goa Pindul are-7.928505, 110.647902. In addition to these routes pass, you can also down the jaunty road School. After about 1 kmyou will find the crossroad of PKU/Dishub, then navigate to your vehicle to pass the crossroad Budegan up to 1 kilo meters. Afterwards you can spur your vehicle straight until the crossroad of Grogol. After that take a turn left and keep going to the countryside that will drive you directly to Goa Pindul


The price of the Ticket Goa Pindul are one of the things that is often asked by potential visitors Goa Pindul by phone, SMS or Messenger to us. This goes without sayingbecause a tourist ticket price is the one that should be in the estimate to arrange the itinerary before you visit it.
This ticket price I actually already written on the Package page, but on this page we will update about special price ticket Pindul on Goa as well as fitting the holiday season. In addition to the price of the ticket Goa Pindul, here too we will update on the price ticket package is a tour package which you can try in there.
You might ask why the price ticket Goa Pindul different between weekdays and this holiday season. This forced us to do because of the holiday season, in this many visitors attractions, of course we need more human resources in order to serve all visitors in order to comfort You awake and your vacation become the most beautiful moment and not forgotten.

Here are the Details price of Ticket Pindul and packages Goa tour packages:

1. Pindul: Goa Caving Pack
Ticket price: Rp. 35,000/visitors

2. Package Rafting/River Tubing River Oya
Ticket price: Rp. 45.000,-/visitor

3. Sparrow Goa Fringing
Ticket price: Rp. 30.000,-/visitor

4. Fringing Goa Sriti (temporarily not available)
Ticket price: Rp. 30.000,-/visitor

5. Goa Gold Susur (temporarily not available)

Ticket price: Rp. 25.000,-/visitor

6. Beautiful Goa Fringing (temporarily not available)
Ticket price: Rp. 20.000,-/visitor

NB:2016 local government Challenging withdraw levies 10 thousand/org of any visitor who enters the area of the Cave Pindul.

The price of Entrance ticket Goa Pindul and other packages package above includes all equipment, transport, Guide services and free shuttles from the road by their relatives to Goapindul.net team. For those of you who came in group, at least 4 people in the ticket reservation please before, this anticipation in vibrant visitor when You can still get a ticket, because Caving Goa tour packages and other Pindul here is a natural need of supporting equipment although we provide with maximum amount but of course there remains the limit. Thus information about the price of Entrance Ticket Goa Pindul can we pass on, hopefully can help you planning a vacation to Jogjaand especially Challenging in General.

Goa tourist attractions Pindul hopefully this could be one of the alternatives you want to feel the thrill of exploring caves. Although the distance is not too far away, but nonetheless its sensation will be felt differently. Anyway guaranteed you guys will never regret to goa. Oya, input only, if it can not fit here holidays. So not too many visitors. I'll be more enjoy tranquility in goa Pindul.

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