Japan hole in Bukittinggi Sumatra Barat

Japan hole

Situated within the area attractions Panorama Park Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. Japan hole is a tourist attraction that is also an evidence of the history of the Japanese occupation of Indonesia. An underground tunnel that was built for the Japanese military during World War II; on the orders of the Japanese Army Military Government for Sumatra based in London under the command of General Watanabe. So, if you come to London do not forget to visit Taman Panorama and aisle-by-aisle in Japan this hole. The existence of holes in the build intentionally obscured, not visible from the side of the road (outside the park). Even while in the Panorama Park, not necessarily the entrance hole visible unless standing around the mouth of the hole.

To get into the hall Japanese hole, first had to descend 132 stairs sloped quite vertical. Cement stairs is divided into two paths are lined with stainless steel, so it feels more comfortable to descend. One side is intended for visitors who want to get into the bottom of the tunnel hole Japan. While the other side is the ladder out of the tunnel. The depth of the holes is estimated at about 40 m from the ground. While the length of approximately 1,470 m. The hallways in the tunnel width of about 2 m. The atmosphere in the hole quite bright because it has been equipped with electric lighting is sufficient. The walls of the tunnel also does not look bleak because it has been coated with cement; even some of the floors have been installed paving block (as seen in the picture).

Japan hole

Due to security reasons, the hallway that leads right into the side of the ravine Sianok canyon, covered with iron bars. The mouth of the tunnel, just a few meters from the side of the ravine. There is also a hallway leading to the emergency exit (emergency exit). Along the left and right in the hallways, there were rooms which in aggregate up to 21 rooms, consisting of:

- Space Ammunition
- kitchen
- Jail
- The dining room
- An army barracks, etc.

Bukittinggi City Government is planning to utilize some of the space in the halls to be used as a cafe, a mini theater, museums and others. If you must argue, with my own glasses as visitors and also the layman, looking Holes Japan as evidence of history that must be preserved. Maybe it would be better if it is left as it was, but still with sufficient care. Without transfer my functioned from its original state, the rooms will bring the picture tends to be more natural. So that every visitor can know clearly the beginning of the function of each of these rooms.

Japan hole

I agree with Mr. Ed Zoelverdi in his sites, namely edzoelverdi.com, that to make a hole Japan as a tourist attraction, need to be equipped with accurate research data. With so can enrich public knowledge is valid. At least information about the history, function room by room, as well as a complete overview of the function of the room at first. In Mr. Ed Zoelverdi site also published writings Hirotada Honjyo that a Japanese national, that there is no forced labor in digging the hole of Japan, but in construction, done by workers who were brought in and provided by the Township Office Bukittinggi. To that end, they paid as a day laborer.

It is certainly very opposed to assuming most of which found the construction of the holes using the forced labor of the Indonesian people by the Japanese government at that time. Homework for us to dig out the truth of history is more complete and accurate; so writing Hirotada San This can be refuted or otherwise justified when accompanied by historical evidence is clear.

Japan hole

One more question that I do not find the answer, namely the loss / deletion of reliefs found on the walls before entering the tunnel. Relief on this wall gave a historical overview of Japanese atrocities in the excavation pit. Is there any interest or fault on the reliefs so that should be eliminated? Or we called the nation forgiving feel no longer need to know the historical picture? May be among the readers who can give some input and information about the complete history of Japan's ... previous hole thanks for your help and input.

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