10 Foods Lampung

Speaking of culinary, Lampung have a variety of culinary that you must try. Want to know what culinary in Lampung, let's look at the list below culinary in Lampung;

1. Seruit


As described previously, that seriut Lampung is a typical food served at the event either a large family gathering or at other events such as weddings, indigenous to the religious. For the people Pepadun, harpoon used as a staple food consumed daily, because eating habits harpoon on specific days or times are not shared by all indigenous peoples, it is because it is done for generations just for some people. Harpoon itself is food from grilled fish paste mixed with sambar typical of Lampung, tempoyak or no one gives some mangoes. Types of fish that are used harpoon diverse, it's just used is fish of the great rivers, such as Balide fish, fish baung layis fish and a variety of other fish. To eat harpoon bias is in the added vegetables to make it more delicious.

2. Tempoyak


If you love the food made from durian, you can try typical dishes Lampung. Tempoyak is a dish that has the basic ingredients that have been fermented durian fruit. So far, Tempoyak already known in various regions in Indonesia and in the neighboring country like Malaysia. Lampung's typical dishes you can make yourself at home without having to buy. For pembuatanya, you can prepare meat durian that does not contain much water. Durian been cultivated from durian which have super quality and completely ripe so that the quality of Tempoyak taste more delicious. After that, you have to separate the flesh durian with seeds and given a bit of salt. Then add cayenne pepper to taste, this is to speed up the fermentation and keep it in a tightly closed and have the cold air temperature, if necessary input into the refrigerator.

After 2 to 5 days, you can process them with fish such as Teri, Mujair, carp and other fish. If the sauce is made, you have to mix the garlic and red chili smooth or that have been cut into small pieces, add a little sugar for sugar substitutes. Then fry about 3 minutes, after considered, sambal Tempoyak ready to be served with other food.

3. Geguduh

If you like food that has a sweet taste, you can try typical food Lampung. Gegaduh is a kind of food made from banana cake that has been mashed. These foods into meals that can be served to guests and can be enjoyed with the family while being together. The materials needed to make Gegaduh, you can make it at home. To get the material is also not difficult, to make you have to set up a banana that has been mashed up soft, flour, milk and jam. Banana flour and stir until evenly distributed and well mixed milk and butter, after quite evenly, then shapes According to the desire and fry until cooked. Bananas used to create Gaduh are bananas kepok, whereas if you want to add more savory culinary aroma, Lampung residents use water Foreword or pandan leaves. Well after so, the food is ready to be served, can enjoy with coffee or can be used as an entree special occasions.

4. Stew Taboh

Stew Taboh

The food is typical of Lampung others who do not prop is goulash Taboh. This food has a taste that is quite unique and is made from nuts and tubers. You will enjoy cooking with coconut milk taste mixed with a mixture of green beans and ground, and other types of beans, potatoes and bamboo shoots in this Lampung cuisine. Additionally, there are materials that will make you a different taste on the tongue because there is also a mixture such as betel leaves or even shrimp. The combination of the sweet taste in potatoes like pumpkin with a blend of distinctive flavor condiment to add flavor variety on our tongues. The typical food you should try if you're in Lampung.

5. Umbu


If you are the enthusiasts with food that tasted like bitter melon, then you can try one of the bitter food in Lampung. This meal is called the Umbu namely food from rattan young then boiled until soft. Once the rattan has been boiled until soft, rattan is usually used as a base material such as vegetable stir, can even be enjoyed as fresh vegetables. Young rattan that has been boiled can also be used for other dishes mixed materials, in order to enrich the cuisine. These foods also can you find in some other areas in Indonesia with different characteristics, in accordance with local customs. Lampung people themselves use young rattan to be used as a food ingredient has long been, it's just that, now beginning to be rare to encounter because rattan is already scarce.

6. Engkak


Engkak Lampung is a typical food that has a sweet taste. Engkak made of eggs and butter processed to be a food that has a mushy texture. This food is suitable eaten as breakfast or snack in the morning. List of materials used Engkak is white glutinous flour, sugar, eggs, milk, sweetened condensed milk and butter. Of all the ingredients are mixed and stirred until evenly distributed. Then prepare a 20 × 20 baking pan that has been buttered with a pad of paper in berih are often used to lay a dish, bake a cake as well as lapis legit. For the first 3 layers under fire use fire then moved on, turning the dough when the dough has finished.

7. Gabing


Gabing is one of the typical dishes of Lampung which may have you encountered in other areas. Gabing own raw material that is quite unique because it is made from palm stems are still young. Making gabing itself is fairly simple, but fairly typical according to Lampung cuisine. Young coconut trunk sliced ​​to resemble a small elongated plates measuring 3 to 4 cm. Then boiled until soft and put spices to smell a strong scent with a delicious flavor. Gabing a soupy dishes, although sometimes there are also some people who do not give strong on these dishes. To add flavor to food Gabing, you can mix it with fresh meat, mushrooms, and other preparations that will enrich the cuisine.

8. Cake Lapis Legit

Kue Lapis Legit

Cakes are often encountered in various places a cake from Lampung were already well known. Well, if you come to Lampung can enjoy a cake that has a soft texture with a sweet taste of this, your tongue will be hooked when it tried cake Lapis Legit. These cakes are usually enjoyed for snacks and relaxing at home and accompanied by warm tea, and even can be served at various events to accompany the event with a cake dish lapis legit. Ingredients to make lapis legit among other things, eggs, refined sugar, sweetened condensed milk, butter, flour, seasoning spekoek, vanilla and cinnamon. To make this cake, you need to experiment in order to get a good result, because to make it easy easy difficult.

9. Soni Haji Meatballs Sony

Soni Haji Meatballs Sony

Meatball is a meal that we usually encounter everyday, but you need to taste the meatballs were very famous in Lampung, which is commonly referred to as meatballs Sony. These meatballs are made of original and fresh beef that has a chewy texture and fibrous, black pepper sauce is quite dominant in the combined flavors that will make your tongue Guris addicted to try again. To find sushi is quite easy because there are dozens of branches in Bandar Lampung and also the entire Lampung. For one meatball dish you just grope prattle about 15 thousand to 25 thousand per serving, reasonably priced with taste you will get.

10. Pindang


Lampung also save the typical dishes that you should try, the cuisine is Move. Pindang usually serve in a bowl with the sauce that has a yellow color. Interestingly, typical Pindang Lampung has a sour taste as savory, not much different from the Tom Yam of Thailand. The aroma of caramelized smell is stronger because there are basil leaves into the mixture in the sauce.

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