5 The food is typical of Sumatra Utara Famous

Not inferior to other regions in Indonesia, North Sumatra province also has typical foods of the famous. You are interested in trying the food typical provincial city of Medan thousands? Here are five typical food of the famous North Sumatra:

1. arsik

Reported by Travel Esia, arsik North Sumatra is a typical food made from the main carp. The food is typical Tapanuli, also use other materials such as andaliman, chive, lemon, lemongrass, red chili, garlic, onion, nutmeg, and ginger. Aside from being a dish, arsik have strong traditional values. In traditional ceremonies Batak, goldfish arsik become media offerings for the ancestors and family members who have died.

2. Leaf Vegetable Mashed Potatoes
Leaf Vegetable Mashed Potatoes

Still reported the same page, mashed potato leaf vegetable is also a typical food of the famous North Sumatra. These foods have a bitter taste. However, the nutritional content spelled out very much embrace a wide range of vitamins, essential amino acids, and protein. The food is usually served with coconut milk, flowers kincung, and anchovy.

3. Mi Gomak
Mi Gomak

In-page Indonesian Culture, mi gomak referred to as spaghetti ala North Sumatra. Therefore, mi gomak shape it resembles a typical Italian meal called spaghetti. Mi gomak usually processed using a variety of distinctive spice mixture and the broth is made from refined coconut milk yellow.

4. Saksang

Saksang is a typical food of the famous Batak tribe. Digital Library Culture Indonesia mention that the food is made from minced pork cooked with local spices. Spices include onions, pecans, andaliman, and others.

5. dengke mas na niura
dengke mas na niura

The food is typical of North Sumatra, no less famous is dengke mas na niura. Mentioned in the story page Medan, dengke mas na niura or Goldfish Na Niura is a traditional Batak food derived from Tapanuli. At first, the food was only served to the king, but in the long run all of the Batak people want to join in eating these delicacies. The food consists of raw gold fish served with condiments complete.

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