Randayan Island, Small Heaven in Kalimantan Barat

Randayan Island

Randayan Island is one of the islands in the archipelago Lemukutan located South China Sea and the eastern part of the island of Borneo. The island became one of the popular tourist destinations in Kalimantan Barat which offers natural beauty and underwater life unspoiled.
You can reach the island by motorboat known as Kelotok of the Gulf Steigher or Sungai Raya. The trip takes about 30 minutes. The island is quite easy to reach and worth visiting.
Randayan located in Bengkayang. The island offers beautiful scenery and exotic underwater life. The beach on the island has white sand that adds to the beauty of the island. Here, you can snorkel to see the underwater habitats of the island.

This island has very clear water so it is suitable for a range of water sports and diving. There are also several cottages that can be used by tourists to stay overnight on the island.


To achieve Randayan of cities - big cities in Indonesia is quite easy because there are domestic flights from Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya and other cities that stops in Pontianak. From Pontianak You can rent a car to reach the Gulf Suak Bengkayang. The trip takes about 3 hours.
If you depart from Singkawang, the trip takes about 30 minutes to get to the bay Suak. From the airport Supadio you can use a bus or taxi to Teluk Suak.
There are many travel agencies that offer package holidays to visit the island Randayan so you can get a more memorable holiday on this small island. If you are going to use Klotok, the boat operates from 8 am to 11 noon.

Randayan Island

No trip in the afternoon, unless you've ordered it. In addition shipowners also avoids time during the afternoon because at that time the waves tend to be dangerous.

Additionally, you can also use ships from the bay or the ocean Beautiful SUAK. With this boat, you can pay Rp 1.7 million to 25 passengers. This price includes insurance and taxes.

Randayan Island


Facilities for tourists are complete. There you can rent gear for diving and snorkeling. For those of you who like fishing, the island also offers great fishing. The fish you catch can be cooked or baked themselves.


Randayan Island is a private island that is converted into an interesting tourist attraction. The main attraction of this island is its natural beauty, clean white sand, coral reefs, clear waters and underwater nature unspoiled.

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