Getting more Anyer Beach Banten

Anyer Beach

This beach is the most popular beach and is often used by local tourist attractions. Beach with beautiful white sand, combined with the cool breeze, ideal family for a holiday weekend.But, did you know anything about Anyer Beach?

The location of this beach is the District Anyer, Serang, Banten. Since most of the region in this area is the beach, the beaches along this district familiarly referred to Anyer Beach. Anyer beach is not a single beach, but rather a collection of beaches stretching along the area of ​​Anyer itself. At least, there are seven beaches in the line of Anyer Beach, namely:
Sambolo Beach: The beach is the most suitable for you who want to do water sports, swim or surf.
• Beach Marbella: The location of this beach is in front of Hotel Marbella.
• Cibeureum Coast: Find a place to relax? Select only this beach because the air is coolest.
• Beach Marina: There is a game of water and water sports on offer at this beach. The variations are also more than Sambolo Beach.
• White Sand Beach Florida: The most romantic beach for its expanse of white sand and smooth. You can walk on this beach.
• Karang Bolong Beach: Located on Jalan Raya Anyer-Carita. What is unique about this beach is a large hollow coral alias perforated by natural processes affected by the waves.
• Coral Coast Suraga: Waves on the beach is not too big, suitable for children. There are lots of yummy food stalls along the shores of this beach.

Differences in Anyer and Carita Beach Beach

Many people still confuse a Turkish Anyer and Carita Beach. Actually, the location they are close enough for it and some have referred to it as Anyer Beach Carita. In fact, if examined geographically, then you will find a different location. Anyer beach is located in the district of Anyer, Serang, while Carita Beach Carita located in the district, Pandeglang.
If taken from Jakarta, Carita Beach will further because it is close to the Sunda strait. Even so, both the Indonesian charm not to be missed.

Why should Anyer Beach?

Indonesia has a lot of beaches, from the tip of Aceh, Sumatra to Irian Jaya and Papua. Why should the selected Anyer Beach?

First, if you are located in Jakarta, you can take the travel time of 2 to 2.5 hours if there is no congestion. Or also 4 hours if a weekend or vacation time arrives. The location is easy to achieve is still the main reason why people in Jakarta in particular, make Anyer Beach as a tourist destination and weekend vacations and other time off.
In addition, many interesting places that you can enjoy there. Moreover, Anyer Beach also consists of many beaches that you can search for, is not it?
What can be done in Anyer Beach?

Vacation at the beach with family or friends would have been nice. Do not worry, because there are many activities you can do at Anyer Beach, such as:

 sunset and sunrise

 sunset and sunrise

• Swim
• Perform water sports
• Play sand, build sand castles with your baby might be?
• Snorkeling, you can rent gear for these activities.
• Surfing, select beach with big waves.
• Enjoy the sunset and sunrise.
• Assemble and enjoy quality time. Because time can not be repeated, use the fine to gather at Anyer beach.

Accommodation in Anyer

For those of you who are planning on spending some time at Anyer Beach, it is better to prepare accommodation. Incomplete indeed if a visit to Anyer just one day, you have to stay to enjoy the original Anyer.
Anyer Beach
Relax, around the area of ​​Anyer Beach has many inns, hotels, homestays, villas to the cottage that you can rent according to your budget and needs. Find cheap to classy, ​​all in Anyer. Moreover, most of the inn already has good facilities such as air conditioning, swimming pools and water sports services.
Viewed want Anyer From Altitude? Can really. You just need to go Lighthouse Cikoneng, Anyer. It is located in the village of Anyer Kidul. Lighthouse with a height of 60 meters has 15 floor windows. To arrive at the top of the lighthouse, you need enough energy. But, tiredness will be paid to see the beautiful Anyer beach from a height. The building is even still has the old bulbs, you know.

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