Rubiah Island | Aceh

Rubiah Island
Aceh town porch of Mecca, this phrase has often hear. Why Aceh called the city of Mecca porch?.

This is because first when people are leaving pilgrimage by sea, before heading to Mecca, pilgrims will transit in the province.

The transit locations are on an island that has beautiful natural charm that the island Rubiah.

Rubiah Island included in Weh island region, and is part of the town of Sabang. Rubiah island has an area of ​​approximately 0.357 km2 and is the northernmost island in Indonesia.

The island is located to the west of the town of Sabang, has a distance of approximately 23.5 km from the city, or about 350 m from the beach Iboih. Giving the name of Rubiah in tourism is taken from the name of a woman that Cut Nyak Rubiah whose tomb is also located on this island.

Rubiah Island

In addition, the island also has the ruins of the castle Rubiah relic of the former Dutch and Japanese. This fort functioned as a bulwark for the Dutch and the Japanese army, which during World War II.

The sea garden in Rubiah stunning island, make this place a paradise called the kingdom of the sea. Activity diving and snorkeling in the waters of the island Rubiah will not disappoint any travelers who do the water sports.

Air sea is calm and clarity to make these activities to be very pleasant. Excess is what makes the island Rubiah frequented by tourists. Not only local tourists, there are some foreign tourists who vacation in this nautical tourism.

For tourists who want to do diving and snorkeling activities, do not bother to bring equipment for these activities to these attractions. This is because on the island or on the beach Rubiah Iboih has provided several places to rent equipment for diving and snorkeling.

Rubiah Island

The rental price of equipment for snorkeling around USD 40,000 / day, whereas for diving activities, there are several package options with varying prices.

rubiahTidak island of all tourists visiting the island Rubiah like diving and snorkeling activities. There are some of those who have never done such activity. The possibility of this is because they can not swim.

Therefore, in these places or on the beach Iboih has provided services to rent a boat. The boat is slightly different than the traditional boats of fishermen. The difference is at the bottom of the boat there is a fairly clear glass box (glass bottom boat).

Rubiah Island
By using the glass bottom boat, tourists can enjoy the paradise island marine park waters Rubiah from the boat. With friends or family, tourists will be brought picnic while watching a variety of ornamental fish such as fish butterflyfish, Botana Blue, Lion Fish and Angel Fish. In addition, tourists can also enjoy a variety of beautiful coral reefs, starfish, and others.

The crystal clear sea waters make the island Rubiah sunlight can penetrate to the bottom of the sea. This is why every tourist who recreation by boat can see the sea garden in this place up to a depth of 10-15 meters. One boat can carry up to 10 people. The rental price is a glass bottom boat around Rp 350,000 / hour.

At the shore of the island Rubiah, tourists can feel the softness of the sand gleaming exposure to sunlight. Net environment on this beach, make some tourists eager to taste the freshness of the sea is turquoise.

Swim at the beach while joking laugh or just soak while enjoying the natural charm of these places, is one of the activities commonly performed by the tourists.

Historic uninhabited island, it is also used as a place for coral transplantation. Coral transplantation is an activity that aims to preserve / rehabilitate coral reefs by grafting. When tourists do snorkeling activities, then you can see the place.

Transportation To Pulau Rubiah

Rubiah island to the west of the town of Sabang, has a distance of approximately 23.5 km from the city. For tourists who want to visit there, if it departs from the town of Sabang, tourists can rent a car or use public transport to get to the beach Iboih.

If tourists want to use public transportation, you can use the mini bus from the port to the coast Balohan Iboih. The bus fare is around 50 thousand rupiah.

Iboih from the beach, tourists can rent a boat along with other travelers to cross to the island Rubiah which is about 350 meters from the shore Iboih.

Boat rental rates vary depending on the type and size of the boat. Lowest price to rent a boat is Rp 150,000. But the boat is small and not equipped with glass box at the bottom of the boat. So tourists do not get to watch the panoramic beauty of the underwater world from a boat.

This boat will only deliver tourists to the destination. They (boat driver) will return to the beach Iboih. Upon arriving home time in accordance with the agreement, the boat will pick up tourists to return to the beach Iboih.

Lodging in Pulau Rubiah

The facilities available on the island Rubiah still very minimal, not complete as at the beach Iboih. There is only one small shop on the island.

Rubiah island can be regarded as an uninhabited island. But the beauty and the beauty of the panoramic view of the park and the islands themselves, have made many local and foreign tourists to visit these attractions.

If you want to stay, then the tourists can look for the lodging around the beach or the beach Iboih Gapang. Has provided some lodging there with a relatively cheap price.

Typical Souvenir Rubiah Island

For tourists who want to find souvenirs or souvenirs, in these places there are some traders who actively will offer different products to you.

Moreover, on the beach Iboih there are several shops selling various souvenirs typical of the island of Weh. Souvenir include: T-Shirt uniquely patterned, and a variety of handicrafts from raw material shell, wood and coconut shells.

Culinary On Pulau Rubiah

Due Rubiah island is an unspoiled island and with minimal facilities, there are only a few small shops selling food and drinks.

Therefore, travelers generally will buy food and drinks in restaurants located around the beach Iboih. One of the meals were delicious addition to grilled fish that is grilled squid.


1. So that the skin does not burn due to the hot weather the beach, the tourists can wear a sunscreen cream.
2. Prepare swimwear for tourists who want to snorkel or swim at the beach of the island Rubiah.
3. Wearing casual clothes and simple would be better for the majority of the local population converted to Islam.
4. Do not forget to bring a camera.
5. Rating in order to get a cheaper price to rent a car and a boat, tourists can rent these vehicles along with other travelers.
6. If the traveler renting a car from the town of Sabang, make sure the car fuel is more than enough,  because in Sabang town there are many gas stations. In an emergency, tourists can refuel at the roadside.
7.  During rating traveled to the island of Weh, do not miss the opportunity to visit the monument or the Kilometer Zero Monument Kilometer Zero. This monument is a symbol of the borders of Indonesia.

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