4 Souvenirs from Aceh

Banda Aceh - Traveling to the province of Aceh has not afdol if you do not bring a souvenir. Typical of traditional weapons that rencong up sweet sticky cake that is timphan, this variety of souvenirs Aceh really!

Different places, different again by-by him. Lucky Aceh province was given the wealth of cultures, traditions, and cuisine so much that could be used as gifts for family and friends. DetikTravel gathered on Wednesday (17.04.2013), following the typical souvenirs into Aceh that you can buy:

1. Rencong and Songket Aceh


Reason Aceh province called the 'Land of Rencong' is this weapon. Rencong a sharp weapon, classified as a dagger, used in the kingdom or sultanate of Aceh. Rencong engraved quote verses of the Quran, usually made of buffalo horn with a wooden sheath.

Just like a dagger for the Java community, rencong has a mystical power to the Acehnese. Until now rencong still used as an attribute of clothing in a traditional ceremony Aceh.

Not difficult to get rencong if you are traveling to Aceh, especially to the capital Banda Aceh. Some places buy rencong among others Style Souvenir and Kutaraja souvenirs at Jl Twk Dibaroh Pulo Kampung Baru, Heritage Souvenir Jl Sri Ratu Safiatuddin Peunayong, and Rencong Aceh in Jalan Mohd Jam.

"The price depends on the size. Rencong big around Rp 150,000, Rp 70000-80000 small," said Roma, Public Relations community 'I Love Aceh' when contacted detikTravel, Thursday (04/18/2013).

Besides rencong, Aceh also has the unique fabric songket. Aceh songket craft comes from the village in the district Siem Darussalam, Aceh Besar district. From Banda Aceh, you can take labi-labi (public transportation) or a private car with a mileage of about 14 km.

Not just the fabric for clothes, songket Aceh are used for various purposes such as table decorations, wall hangings, and so forth. In addition to direct visited the place of manufacture, you can also songket Aceh shopping in the souvenir shops.

"If songket rather expensive, Rp 200,000/ piece gloves," added Roman.

2. Jerky Aceh
Jerky Aceh

Could be, Fillet Aceh is the most durable of food to serve as a souvenir. Aceh jerky made from beef or elk thinly sliced, dried, processed and blended traditional herbs and spices. There are a variety of flavors ranging from salty, sweet, until the curry flavor.

One store that sells Jerky Jerky Shop seulawah Aceh is at Jl Cik Ditiro Banda Aceh, in front of Terminal Batoh. Souvenir shops and markets Aceh was Peunayong also presents Jerky Aceh with a variety of prices.

In the store, 1 kg of beef jerky is sold at Rp 200,000 while the deer jerky around Rp 300,000. Although no preservatives, Fillet Aceh can last up to 3 months!

3. Traditional Cakes Aceh

Traditional Cakes Aceh

One of the excellent culinary tourism in Aceh are traditional cookies. There are many traditional cakes that can be found throughout Aceh, but there are 3 types of the most famous among tourists.

The first is timphan. This wet cake wrapped like a flat cake with a size that is not too large. It was sweet legit, so delicious if made friends for coffee Aceh. Because of relatively wet cake, timphan only hold up to 2 days because it is made without preservatives.

The second cake is BHOI. The cakes are known all over Aceh has forms ranging from fish, flowers, stars, and others. Tradition, BHOI cake served at a celebration or a party. But now the cake is favored tourists as souvenirs, because they are relatively cheap ranging from Rp 5,000 per intersection without any contents.

Third, cake Adee. It is a kind of wet cake bingkang with onions flavored sweet aroma that is typical. This cake from the district of Pidie Jaya district. Usually this cake so appetizers when breaking fast in Ramadan. But now, tourists can bring Adee sweet as souvenirs for family.

Not hard to find traditional pastries Aceh, including the three types. One store that sold the traditional Kueh Palace on Jl Cut Nyak Dien, Lampisang Lhoknga Km 8, Aceh Besar district. You also can visited Aceh in Peunayong market, just behind the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque.

4. Coffee Solong Ulee Kareng

Aceh is famous for his coffee. Apart from sipping coffee habits of local people, tourists could bring Aceh coffee as a souvenir. One of the most famous coffee shop is Ulee Kareng located at Jl Lamreung No. 2, Banda Aceh.

Famous coffee is Solong, presented through the filter cloth that looks like socks. If you enjoy coffee Solong in place, you can see the coffee barista move from one pot to another pot. The taste goes without doubt, the coffee was initiated since 1960 this is the most famous delicacy in Aceh.

"We have various types of arabica coffee from super to coarse powder robusta coffee," said Budi, coffee shop clerks Ulee Kareng detikTravel when contacted on Thursday (04/18/2013).

Said Budi, costs vary depending on the quality. The cheapest is the coffee powder 100 grams were sold from Rp 7,000.

"The most expensive super arabica coffee. Size 300 grams costs Rp 30,000," he added.

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