7 Food Delicious It If You Own Jambi

In Jambi are still one family with the field, of course, also has a variety of dishes with spices that creates a strong sense. If later you had stopped to Jambi, there are 7 delicacies worthy for you to enjoy while feverish this city:

1. Cake Srikaya.
Cake Srikaya.

One of the unique foods typical of Jambi is a sugar apple cakes. Perhaps previously unimaginable how the fruit is usually a matter of drinks and juice it can be processed solid cake was great. Eeiitsss, make no mistake! This cake is called "sugar apple", but the material does not use refined sugar apple fruit, even wearing tape as the main ingredient.
Sugar apple cake made from tape mixed with coconut milk, then given the green dye understood better coming from pandanus leaves (and also have a distinctive fragrant pandan). In addition it also added sugar and spices - spices supporters. It was very enjoyable and has a distinctive aroma.

2. Gandus


Gandus cake comes from rice flour, sago, coconut milk, garlic paste, salt, and a small piece of chili. once mixed it can be printed in a round shape and placed in a baking dish and steamed for 10 minutes. Once cooked and then cut into wedges - small square slices. Gandus cake then decorated with sprinkles shrimp, dried shrimp, chicken, ground beef, or shredded fish. It feels sweet and savory and makes enjoying the feel hooked.

3. Juice Pinang

Juice Pinang

Betel nut is a favorite drink juice Jambi residents. This drink is believed to have many benefits, including increased stamina and endurance, blood circulation and prevent colds. As the name implies, uses basic ingredients Juice Fruit Pinang Pinang plus brown sugar, red ginger, pandan, lemongrass, clove, and cinnamon. Pinang juice can also be mixed with chicken egg. To generate maximum efficacy, regular juice is mixed with some spices.

4. Rice Fat
Rice Fat

Fat rice is processed into rice taste typical Malay food. In Malaysia, there is a menu similar to rice fat, namely lemak rice . In Java, rice flavor also we usually encounter in sacred events with molded mounting that we are familiar with the cone.
Rice Fat or including favorite meal in Jambi. Fat rice is usually used as a breakfast menu in the morning. Unique, Rice Fat can also be found in Malaysia or Singapore as Lemak Rice. This culinary made from rice, coconut milk, pandan leaves, bay leaves and orange leaves.

5. Squid Cah Watercress
Squid Cah Watercress

This is certainly enough food has high nutritional, a blend of vegetable and meat squid make this meal complete. Plus tasty healthy are two words that describe the character of this cuisine. Sesame oil also adds a distinctive taste, combined with soy sauce and spices, as well as strengthened by get a delicious garlic that has been crushed.

6. Tepek Fish Stew
Tepek Fish Stew

The cuisine is not unlike like food in general. But the special thing is that Tepek Curried Fish-based catfish and mackerel could also have an historic food and only served at certain critical moments, such as weddings, celebration, party culture, receptions, and banquets to welcome special guests.

7. Tempoyak Jambi

Tempoyak Jambi

Tempoyak is a dish that comes from the fermented durian fruit. Tempoyak the foods normally consumed as a side dish when eating rice. Tempoyak also can be eaten directly, but this is rarely done because many are not resistant to the acidity and aroma of tempoyak itself. Additionally, tempoyak used as a spice in cooking.

Tempoyak also we can meet in several areas with different flavors. These areas such as Jambi, Palembang, Lampung, up to several cities in Kalimantan also include Tempoyak menu.

Did you know that, so delicious culinary Jambi, International Culinary Research Team to come all the way from America to simply want to know the taste and way of making dishes typical of the area. Culinary educational institutions, The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) from California, United States to conduct research and development of culinary or cooking. Similarly, some of the culinary course, tasty and nutritious. When you come to Jambi, love it if does not stop for a moment and taste the culinary-traditional culinary trademark of society Jambi. To conduct research and development of culinary, CIA teams witnessed firsthand the process of making and tasting typical cuisine Jambi.

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