11 Foods Betawi (Jakarta)

Betawi is a term for the original parts of the city. Betawi history that is so dynamic influence of culinary heritage. Typical food Betawi culture influenced by Chinese, European, and Arab. Savory and delicious flavors are characteristic of typical Betawi food. Actually, Betawi has a lot of typical food was delicious. However, with the rapid development of cities Metropolitan Jakarta that once the state capital of Indonesia, Food Typical Betawi many are rare even almost punah1). Therefore, it is important to preserve the culinary heritage of our ancestors. Here's 11 Most Popular Foods typical Betawi Jakarta:

 1. Crust Egg
Crust Egg

Egg crust is a typical food Betawi very famous especially during Jakarta Fair event. Egg crust is similar to martabak, the difference lies in the content and how to load it. Fill the egg crust is sticky rice and sweet potatoes. To cook the egg crust, ie with heated over a charcoal stove.

 2. Rice Uduk
Rice Uduk

Almost all the people in Jakarta (though not the Betawi) know coffè. Coffè very familiar as breakfast in Jakarta. Similar to rice liwet, coffè made of white rice cooked spices. Coffè spices such as salt, coconut milk, lemon grass leaves, bay leaves and orange leaves. Coffè taste very delicious and tasty. Coffè commonly eaten with sliced ​​omelet, jengkol stew, fried chicken, jerked, Balado potatoes and peanut sauce.

 3. Nasi Ulam
Nasi Ulam

Rice side dish is a typical food Betawi is also influenced by the Chinese culinary culture. Rice rice side dish usually wear pera doused with potato stew / stew tofu / egg stew. Rice side dish is also coupled with salty fried calamari, fried noodles, fried egg slices and potato cakes. Rice side dish more delicious with the addition of basil, chili, fried onions and a sprinkling of crushed peanuts.

 4. Ketupat Vegetables / Vegetable Lontong
Ketupat Vegetables / Vegetable Lontong

Ketupat Betawi vegetables are foods commonly used as a breakfast menu. Ketupat rhombus made of sliced ​​vegetable / rice cake with savory coconut milk. Rhombus sprinkling fried vegetables such as onions, soybeans, and crackers / chips

 5. Miscellaneous

Gado-gado is one of the culinary pride of Indonesia. Strangers call hodgepodge as 'seladanya the Indonesia'. Gado-gado contains rice cake / rhombus, vegetables, crackers and fried onions. Gado-gado can be eaten at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In Jakarta, many sellers hodgepodge.

 6. Ketoprak

Ketoprak made of rhombus or rice cake containing rice noodles, bean sprouts and tofu. Ketoprak Betawi with a delicious flavor is watered and mixed with peanut sauce. Ketoprak also sprinkled with crackers. Betawi foods including heavy meals were a little 'light'.

 7. Semur Jengkol
Semur Jengkol

Semur jengkol is the only typical food betawi undeniable authenticity. Other typical dishes betawi that there may be a twin in other areas but stews jengkol only in the area of ​​Betawi. Betawi people are able to make jengkol into a delicious stew dish. To eliminate the smell, jengkol ordinary submerged in lime water or water from boiled rice stalks. In the past, the area Pondok Gede and Lubang Buaya, Jakarta is an area in which there are many trees jengkol.

 8. Laksa Betawi
Laksa Betawi

Laksa Cibinong come from areas which then extended to Jakarta as Laksa Betawi. Employers typically Chinese Laksa Betawi Betawi. Laksa is a kind of a bowl of food is soupy. Laksa contains rice noodles, eggs, cakes, basil leaves, and the leaves of chives. Culinary influences from China has savory and sweet flavors.

 9. Pindang Bandeng
Pindang Bandeng

Boiled milkfish almost like stews but there are additional starfruit. The taste of caramelized milk is very tasty and fresh. Same with coffè, boiled milkfish usually eaten at breakfast and cooked on the previous afternoon.

 10. Soto Betawi
Soto Betawi

Soto Betawi soupy coconut milk with the content of beef, tomatoes, and potatoes. Soto Betawi taste is very delicious and tasty. Soto Betawi meat was tender, and the sauce was tasty. The food is typical of a bowl is very suitable betawi eaten with white rice as lunch.

 11. Soto Tangkar
Soto Tangkar

The food is typical that one was born in the Dutch colonial period. At that time, the Betawi people are only able to buy a little beef rib meat (tangkar). Then, the Betawi created a delicious soup. Now, tangkar soup combined with meat and offal. Soto tangkar soupy coconut milk but it's not too 'heavy'.

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