Temple Muaro Jambi, Historical Attractions in Jambi Province

Temple Muaro

Temple Muaro - If you visit the city of Jambi, then do not forget to visit the historical attractions of this one. Muara Jambi temple is one of the favorite tourist spot for tourists who visit the city of Jambi. The distance is not too far from the city center, accompanied by sufficient access easy reach of attractions of interest are quite popular among the people and tourists in Jambi.

Although not as popular as the various sites of ancient temples in the island of Java, Jambi Muaro Temple site is fairly no less interesting to visit. Various kinds of temple building accompanied by other historical sites, will give you a lot of lessons and information about the history of Indonesia. Although still under reconstruction, one of the tourist attractions in Jambi has been open to be visited by tourists in the city of Jambi.

One set of temples in the region

Temple Muaro

In the complex Muaro sites, there are several archaeological sites form of a temple that can be enjoyed by the tourists. There are more than 6 temples that can already be visited by the tourists in the complex of the site, and there are several other temples which are in the process of repair.
Until now, there are more than 80 ruins of ancient buildings were found at the site of the historical sites in the city of Jambi. Some temples can already be visited by tourists in this tourist site complexes namely High temple, Temple Hold 1 and 2, Candi VanDo Astano, Batu twin temple, and the temple Cumpung.

Temple Muaro

Besides these temples, tourists can also enjoy several other attractions such as an Telago Rajo as well as various old canals that surround this tourist complex historical sites.


Temple Muaro

Based on information from the local government, this temple is the remains of the royal power Siriwijaya now gone. This temple is expected once the ancient royal residential Area nine and fifteen century AD.
This temple is believed to be one of the central deployment and also the development of Buddhism in Indonesia.


Location Muaro temple in the complex area Muaro largest, precisely in Muaro Jambi. This complex location distance from the city center jambi about 30 kilometers. Historical attractions such as the temple was stretched around the banks of the Batang about more than 7.5 kilometers.

There are many transport facilities both public and private that could be used to get to the location of this temple complex. You can use a variety of public transportation such as buses or public transportation to the location of the temple complex, or if you do not want disturbed by other people, you can also rent a car chartered widely available in the provincial city.

Accommodations and Amenities

If you are coming from outside the city of Jambi want to visit historical attractions Muaro this temple, you can take advantage of a wide range of facilities and lodging accommodations in the city of Jambi. Distance to the city of Jambi to the location of the historical sights is quite close. For that, you need not worry for a variety of lodging accommodations or transportation problems.
Not only is it easy to find, you can also adjust your preferred place with financial ability you have. There is plenty of choice places to stay ranging from hotels to guesthouses with prices varying.

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