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Limbong Kamandang

Niagara Limbong Kamandang is a natural tourist attraction located in the village of Kurra, district Tapango Polewali Mandar district. Limbong Kamandang is about 4 km from the center of the capital district Tapango. To get to this attraction route that can be passed from the district Polman is toward districts Wonomulyo first, then turn to the right (the path to the district Tapango) point beloknya is right next to the monument chicken before Fuel Filling Station General in Wonomulyo , From here the journey will take the path through the village Riso, Kalimbua village, until he came to the village Kurra.

The route through which the route is not easy and smooth with smooth asphalt, there are many roads with a slope fairly extreme, not to mention the road with a layer of concrete and asphalt layers of the rocks that had started off. During the rainy season, the road is sometimes overgrown with moss, because it was quite slippery to the two-wheeled vehicle riders. When viewed from the physical condition of the road, the four-wheeled vehicles will be difficult through this region and be confined to a few regions only village in the district Tapango.

Limbong Kamandang

Limbong Kamandang waterfall can be seen very clearly from the bridge under which the river flowed with the flow of the waterfall, up from here we can Limbong Kamandang watched from a distance, and looked very beautiful.

Just below the bridge flowing river with river rocks large enough and from here visible base of the falls with the level of continuous decline until the direction of the bridge.

To enjoy closer Limbong Kamandang then you are required to run for a while with a short distance away from the bridge into the waterfall area to get to the base of the waterfall. Base of the waterfall is safe enough to be used as a dip, with water falling unceasing and debit quite heavy. There are typical of Limbong Kamandang as if he had two main sources of water flow to a tree trunk standing almost upright. I wonder how long this huge tree trunks there, it seems he's quite old age, proof he was overgrown with moss and vegetation.
Limbong Kamandang

For the matter of discharge and the volume of water that falls, then Limbong kamandang no doubt, you can enjoy the water fairly heavy with Kurra mountain atmosphere is cold enough. All around the waterfall overgrown with green trees that store water to add cold atmosphere in the region.

If need freshness, naturalness, and a beautiful atmosphere then Limbong Kamandang can answer your wishes. Want to feel cool and fresh waterfalls Kamandang Limbong, the option to bathe and shower herein may be the first choice when traveling or visiting this place. Water waves, especially at the base of the waterfall is quite heavy, and for those looking for a little excitement shower with shouts of releasing stress so here there can do it all.

Limbong Kamandang waterfall tour is still quite rarely visited, the distance is far enough, the access road is challenging with steep and precipitous ascent into some of the reasons why this attraction can be said to be empty of visitors. In short waterfall naturalness is still well preserved, because he is supported by the surrounding natural conditions and its object is rarely touched.

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