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Sipiso-piso is a natural tourism area which is located not far from the settlement community Tongging Village, Sub Brand, Karo District, of North Sumatra province. Arguably, visited this village is no different than a trip to Sipiso-piso. Geographically, the village Tongging is in the lower plains, while Sipiso-piso located in the hills higher than Tongging Village. This waterfall is located at an altitude of approximately 800 meters above sea level (asl) and is surrounded by green hills because of overgrown pine forest.

Name of the waterfall which is managed by the Regional Government of Karo Regency has a unique meaning. As mentioned in the news harianSuara Indonesia Baru, piso-piso Sipiso that meaning comes from the knife. Swift water-water that fell from the hill a hundred meters altitude above is likened to like-bladed knife blade sharp. In addition, a steep cliff when viewed from the top of the hill make local people call piso of the Tanah Karo.

As a growing district, the tourism sector in Tanah Karo become one of the excellent potential that is expected to boost revenue (PAD), in addition to agriculture and industry, of course. In this sector, Karo has interesting attractions, such as volcanoes, hot springs, mountainous areas, lakes, waterfalls, traditional houses, the culture of local communities, etc.

During its development, the attractions in Tanah Karo began to be developed and promoted to other regions, including Sipiso-piso Waterfall own. Though as there is competition among the attractions that this remains a positive value for each object be encouraged to grow and could attract tourists as much as possible. For example, in the village of Tongging has recently been established Faith Park (TWI). Nonetheless, TWI is supposedly more to absorb the attention of tourists to come, charm Sipiso-piso still would not be replaced. How not, this waterfall is but one of the highest waterfalls among many waterfalls in Indonesia, such as Niagara Tinoor in Tomohon, North Sulawesi province or Grojogan Sewu, in the province of Central Java.


Of all of them, Sipiso-piso stay special. Separated by only a distance of 35 km from the famous tourist city in Indonesia, the City Berastagi, Karo, and requires only about 45 minutes from the city of Medan, the capital of North Sumatra province, Sipiso-piso proved capable of lifting reputation Karo district as one of the areas of interest domestic and foreign travelers. Tonggo Simanungsong, a lover of travel, said that many foreign tourists who visit Sipiso-piso came from Malaysia, Singapore, France, and the Netherlands. For local tourists, panorama in Tongging is already very well known, some say even this news has reached the santero the world for its natural beauty is stunning.

B. Features

Powerful !!! That's how you feel when you first set foot in the village Tongging, the village where Sipiso-piso located. By visiting the village Tongging, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery as a tourist area in the village of Tao Silalahi who are nearby. Before enjoying the waterfalls up close, you'll be treated to a lovely view Tanah Karo from view post at the top of the hill, the starting point Sipiso flow-piso. From the top of the hill surrounding the Sipiso-piso is anyway you can witness the beauty of the landscape of Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in the world.


After that, in order to explore the natural beauty Sipiso-piso close, you have to down the ridge through hundreds of small stairs that have been provided for down and approached the waterfall. The ranks of stairs that had been prepared was the main roads safe.


At the bottom, you can look in the direction of small hills that are before you. You'll wonder of the high hills will be accompanied by a roar splash of thousands of water droplets bouncing from the point of fall of the water. Because of this waterfall has a height of 120 meters or about 360 feet before flowing into Lake Toba, then a lot of people who've been to this place saying the amount of grains splash of water falling in Sipiso-piso greater than Waterfall Sigura-Gura-of a regional nature well known in North Sumatra.

C. Location

Sipiso-piso located in Sub Brand, Karo, Sumatra Utara, Indonesia. This district is located about 24 km from Kabanjahe City, Karo regency capital.

D. access

When you are in the city of Medan, capital of North Sumatra province, then you have to travel about 2 hours by bus or car to Kabanjahe, Karo regency capital. Kabanjahe is located in the southern highland tourist areas are well known, namely Berastagi. Every 45 minutes a bus route Kabanjahe dispatched from Medan city center terminal. Bus fare depends on the type of bus you choose, certainly the most inexpensive economy-class bus. Arriving in Kabanjahe, you still have to travel a distance of 24 km to the north, the path to Lake Toba. With the quality of the paved road, you can get to the village Tongging to travel in Sipiso-piso in 30 minutes by car or bus.

E. Ticket

Still in confirmation.

F. Accommodations and Other Facilities
Specialty certainly be an important thing for tourists. When traveling in Sipiso-piso and willing to spend the night, then you can find lodging in the village or in the city Tongging Kabanjahe, Karo regency capital. Additionally, if you want to find a memento or souvenir for the family at home, then just go various souvenir hawkers Tanah Karo in this tourist area

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