7 Souvenir Typical Bandar Lampung

1. Banana chips
Banana chips
I do not know since when, banana chips have become a gift that seemed obliged to take home to their hometown when traveling to Lampung. Or when people from Lampung himself traveled to an area, then piilihan bring banana chips always crossed. Sebenarnyaa what distinguishes Lampung banana chips and banana chips from other regions? The answer is a variety of tastes. No less than 6-12 flavors offered when buying chips banana chips industry Sentra in Jl Pagar Alam (Gang PU) Bandar Lampung. The taste is back to the tastes of each. Some are fond of the banana chips chocolate, cheese, milk, melon etc. But there are also only enjoy the original banana chips.
Where to buy this banana chips than at Sentra Industrial Chips on Jl Pagar Alam (Gang PU) can also be obtained at the local supermarket with a wide range of brands and packaging, also in the row of souvenir shops in Teluk Betung like Yen-yen.

2. Coffee
Lampung is one of the national coffee producers that boast. Because of Lampung coffee menu already includes a row of coffee at various places to drink coffee. Flavor and aroma typical of Lampung coffee also are not owned coffee from other regions. Many people Lampung himself said, if had to stay in an area, even abroad should bring lunch Lampung coffee. So no wonder if the coffee is a gift that is given to friends taulan feasible, both for those who are in the country or abroad. To get a copy of this, there is in some Central Market stores in Bandar Lampung, in the local supermarket or in a store by.
Problem innovation flavor and aroma of coffee, there are some which became a favorite. As duian coffee, kopi luwak and several other unique flavors. Packaging materials began to ahan brown paper to plastic packaging that comes with sealer.

3. Kemplang
Crackers one is a bit different from other types of crackers. Since crackers are generally fried in cooking oil, but this kemplang fried crackers with sand or baked. This kemplang distinctive flavor that makes enjoying hooked. Moreover, with a sauce that is included in every purchase kemplang. Hmm ... get a delicious ... and to obtain this kemplang relatively easy, ranging from a souvenir shop, a local supermarket, or in the length and EVAL were sold along the roadside.

4. Pempek

Although food is not the original one Lampung, but others make it as -by when they wanted to leave Lampung. Palembang native food is even very easy to get in the Kupang Teba, Teluk Betung. Variants of this food also vary according to taste. Uniquely pempek business owners is using figures for the place name, such as Pempek 123, Pempek 40, Pempek 56 etc although there is also a person's name as the name of the place, Pempek Pak Rusdan, Pempek Selamet etc.

5. Lempok Durian
Lempok Durian

Just like pempek, Lempok jug is not native Lampung. Very much to sell them in the city of Bandar Lampung. Many fans are already eating durian fruit when in Lampung, but still want to enjoy back when in the area of ​​origin. An alternative to the earlier problem was brought lempok durian, ie processed foods from durian mixed with brown sugar, then packed like dodol and lightly browned.
The food is very rich in flavor duriannya and can last up to several days. Usually the food is sold in the gift shop or the local supermarket. When the food has been brought to the place of origin as souvenirs so avoid storing food in the refrigerator because it will make it hard foods and changing the taste.

6. Sambal Lampung
Sambal Lampung
Either believe it or not, many people Lampung when eating must be accompanied by a sauce. It turned out that this practice can not simply be abandoned when it was somewhere else. Well the solution is able to make a sauce from fresh ingredients or choose a sauce that has been packaged in a distinctive bottle Lampung. What distinguishes sambal Lampung with other regions is a mixture of spices flavor sauces. Sambal Lampung is sold in the local supermarket or at a souvenir shop with a variety of packaging.

 7. Tapis
Souvenir which one becomes mandatory when you are an admirer of local art in the form of textiles. Or you might be an avid wearing traditional cloth for special occasions. Filter fabric is a fabric woven using regular yarn and thread of gold. In addition to clothing worn by women, there is also a filter fabric which is used as a wall decoration with calligraphic motifs or motif ship. The price offered is very diverse, depending on the size, materials, patterns and levels of difficulty make it. These fabrics can be found in stores as filters or Art Gallery is in the middle of the city of Bandar Lampung.

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