10 Food Typical Culinary Aceh

The province has some culinary very tasty and worth a try. In general, the typical culinary Aceh taste delicious, spicy and savory.

Here we present some typical culinary Aceh:

food typical culinary Aceh

1. Chicken Catch
Chicken Catch

The cuisine is made using chicken is cut into small pieces, they taste good, spicy and savory. the smell of cooking that is rich spices can certainly be tempting to be enjoyed.

Meaning of the word "catch" in these foods is because the chicken used is chicken, so if you want to enjoy it must "catch" the chicken first. This food is popular new about 6-8 years. Raw materials are leaves in addition to chicken spices, chilli, teumuri leaf, pandan leaves and a sprinkling of fried onions.

2. Rice Guri
Rice Guri

Rice with a savory taste made of rice cooked with a mixture of coconut milk and spices. Rice guri like nasi lemak and nasi uduk. But, of course, has a slightly different feel.

The rice will be more delicious to eat along with side dishes such as fried eggs, scrambled eggs, fried fish, dried meat, fish lado, tripe, intestines and other side dishes. Travelers are free to choose lauknya. In addition, over the rice will be equipped with dry tempeh, tauco, anchovy sauce and crackers.

3. Mie Aceh
Mie Aceh

Mie noodles Aceh has a size larger than the general. This food has a flavor that is spicy, savory and definitely delicious. Naturally delicious because these foods are rich in spices such as onion, garlic, red chili, cayenne pepper, tomatoes, celery, leeks, cabbage, shrimp, beef, beef broth, cardamom, cumin and pepper. Mie Aceh could be made in the form of noodle soup or fried noodles. Both have the same great taste.

4. Cook Sie Puteh
Cook Sie Puteh

This food is white and has a savory taste and delicious. At first glance this food like curry. However, it was certainly a bit different. Sie cook Puteh is generally combined with chicken meat, duck meat, beef, and fish. Aroma created on this food is the aroma oen temurui or curry leaves / Koja greetings. In addition, the cook Sie Puteh also uses 2 cumin namely Jira Jira maneh and fish. Jira fish generally used to remove the fishy smell.

5. Kuwah Pliek U
Kuwah Pliek U

Kuwah pliek u or curry the king made of pliek u and mixed with vegetables, has a savory taste and delicious. Pliek u or patarana is waste or residue of copra (coconut) oil which has been squeezed.

6. Kuwah Beulangong

Kuwah Beulangong

Kuwah beulangong is food cooked in a crock pot or large. Have a taste of fresh, spicy, savory and delicious. Its main ingredient is mutton or beef, young jackfruit or bananas kepok. Using herbs milled consisting of milled coconut, coconut gongseng and various spices.

7. Mrs. Sie Itek
Mrs. Sie Itek

Bu sie Itek is duck curry rice with a thick sauce. The taste of the food is spicy, savory and delicious. Bu sie Itek famous is of Bireuen area.

8. Eungkot Kayee
Eungkot Kayee

Eungkot Kayee is a food that has a high protein content with spicy and savory taste. In the Indonesian language means fishing eungkot Kayee wood. The wooden fish is tuna that is dried and then sliced ​​into small pieces and flavored with coconut milk, potatoes, green chilies and spices so that this food has a pleasant aroma.

9. Sie Reubeouh Vinegar
Sie Reubeouh Vinegar

Seafood stew with raw materials, combined with spices and vinegar plus. The taste is sour and fresh. The meat is used mostly beef and mutton. The food is delicious eaten while warm.

10. Mrs. Briani

Complete rice made by steaming along with meat and spices. At the time of the presentation, Mrs. briani equipped with pickles, dalcan and melinjo crackers (crackers meuling).

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