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The name of Borobudur Temple must already be familiar to you. The temple is known as the largest Buddhist temple complex in Indonesia, even the world's largest. UNESCO set it as one of the world heritage site in 1991. In addition to being the world's cultural heritage, the Borobudur Temple also became one of the sights that attract a lot of attention of domestic and foreign travelers.

Tourist attractions in Central Java has an area of ​​123 x 123 square meters and consists of 10 levels. The building is composed of volcanic blocks that make up the 504 statues, 72 stupas and a large main stupa at the peak. Uniquely, the beams are arranged without using adhesives or cement, the complex looks like a giant lego arrangement.

Borobudur temple walls are decorated around 1,460 relief panels with each panel length of 2 meters. This relief panels tell about the level of the Buddha's life. Relief at the bottom of the temple called 'Kamadathu' which tells about the bad behavior of human lust-filled world and make him go to hell. Relief central part called 'Rapadathu', tells the story of men who have been freed from the passions of the world, while the top relief is 'Arupadhatu'. This relief depicts the top achievement levels where the gods dwell.

In addition to the three reliefs, there is still a relief panel in the lower part of the temple were buried. According to historians, the buried reliefs named 'Karmawibhangga'. Here reliefs that tell about the lowest levels of human. This relief depicts human bad behavior that follow their own lusts like killing, gossiping and rape. Even mentioned there are pictures of the marital relationship. Funerals relief panel has two reasons, namely because the relief is considered rude and for strengthening efforts so that the temple remained standing.

Borobudur temple is called as one of the greatest masterpieces of human history. The composition of the volcanic beams and sculptured reliefs are a work of art that is unsurpassed value. This tourist spot is also a proof of ancient human civilization progress in the fields of architecture, technology and literary arts.

In this complex there are two museums namely Museum and Museum Ocean Mercury Karmawi bhangga. Mercury Ocean Museum contains various collections and information about the history of Asian trade - Africa in ancient times, while the Museum Karmawi bhangga contains information about the development of Borobudur.

Not only the temple that attracts attention, but also the surrounding natural scenery. On the south side of the temple are Bukit Manoreh when viewed resembles someone in a sleeping position. Besides Bukit Manoreh, there Sumbing, Mt. Sindoro, Mount Merbabu, and Mount Merapi that surrounds this magnificent building.

Borobudur estimated was built during the Sailendra dynasty around the 9th century under the reign of King Samaratungga. The architect of the temple complex named Gunadharma who succeeded in designing this remarkable building though not know the computer systems and other advanced technologies. The construction of the temple complex can be completed around 50-70 years later.
At that time, the Borobudur Temple became the largest center of religious activity. Until now, the influence of Islam in the 15th century. This temple began to be abandoned by the people who turn to Islam. Borobudur increasingly forgotten as the eruption of Mount Merapi, which makes buried volcanic ash.

In 1814, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles reveal the existence of Borobudur temple after being informed of the existence of a large building on the which buried volcanic ash. Not only buried by volcanic ash, when the temple was covered with shrubs Also found.

Since rediscovered, restoration and reconstruction of the temple performed a variety of businesses ranging from British colonial period, Dutch until Indonesia became independent. With the help of UNESCO and cultural historians from around the world, Indonesia continues to improve the condition of Borobudur.After more than ten Centuries neglected and unkempt, the temple complex is still standing strong today.

What can be done in Borobudur?

There are so many things you can do while in the large Buddhist temple complex in the world, among them:

Learn the art of literature and culture


If you love art literature and culture, was at Borobudur temple will certainly be an interesting experience once. You can read and observe the relief panels were painted on the walls of the temple.
To be able to read the story of this relief in order, you have to walk around the temple in a clockwise direction ie from left to right. Start from the east entrance at the level of the bottom and walk back to the door turning up early and then go up the stairs to the next level. Do this continuously up to the top level to get the story in sequence and intact. You are having difficulty reading the stories in relief? Not to be confused because there are guide services that are ready to help you.



These attractions offer a lot of interesting objects to your photos, photography enthusiasts. Try walking around the temple complex and find the right angle for photographing. Borobudur temple is also known to have views of the sunrise and sunset are beautiful. Come at the right moment, prepare your camera and safely capture the beautiful scenery.

Souvenir hunting


It feels incomplete if visiting a tourist spot without buying a souvenir characteristic. Not far from the Borobudur temple complex, there are rows of souvenir stalls. You can buy a variety of goods ranging from hats, shirts, bags, keychains until miniature temple. The price offered is varied, use your skills in the best possible bargain.

Walking around the temple complex

Temple complex

In the Borobudur temple complex are spacious green courtyard that you can explore. Besides on foot, you can rent a bike to surround these attractions. You bring a small child? Try to ride the train a rabbit that must appeal to kids. If you want to try a different experience, why not try riding horse cart to get around?

What's more interesting than Borobudur?

Borobudur temple became one of the influential religious place for Buddhists in the world. Each year, this temple complex at the center of the feast of Vesak celebrations and attended by Buddhists from various countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, China and Tibet. The feast of Vesak is celebrated during the full moon in May or commonly called the Siddhi Purnama.

The highlight of this Vesak celebrations invite many tourists both domestic and foreign. At the time of release of hundreds of lanterns into the sky along with best wishes for the year ahead.
Opening hours and admission price Borobudur
Opening hours
Every day: 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Price of admission
Adults: Rp 30.000 for the citizen and $ 15 for foreigners
Children: Rp 12,500 for Indonesian citizens and $ 8 for foreigners
Address and transportation

Borobudur temple is located at Jalan Badrawati, Magelang, Central Java.
The most practical way of course by using a personal car or use the services of a travel agent. If you choose public transport, bus There are many majors Borobudur which you can find at the Bus Terminal, Yogyakarta.

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