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Raja Ampat Islands
Raja Ampat Islands is a tourist destination located in Papua region. This tour was well known throughout the world for its natural beauty is stunning. One form of popularity attractions Raja Ampat is with the documentary made by Avant Premiere entitled "Edis Paradise 3", in which the film tells the beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat in the area of ​​Papua, which this tour is also dubbed as a World Oceans Amazon region. The nickname was given because of the location of these sites is in the center of world coral triangle. Tourism Raja Ampat Islands are territorial region of West Papua, which is a group of islands that spread is from about 610 islands, but only 35 islands are inhabited by a population.

Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat area is the island group, with one - the only means of transport that can be used by the Community about is the sea freight transportation. This transport is used both to reach the capital of the district (Waisai) or vice versa. With four main islands that are unique in this area make for you who travel to tourist destinations Raja Ampat. four islands dimaksudkan is Batanta, Misool, Salawati and Waigeo. The title or name of Raja Ampat is taken from the myths surrounding population which, if interpreted into Indonesian has meaning Four Kings.

The tourists who come from around the world had come here to enjoy the unique beauty of the island and underwater travel, as well as exploring the wall - a wall dive underwater manner. Here tourists can navigate the large and small islands, mountains, tropical forests, coral strand sea, white sand beaches as well as the diversity of animal life in the tourist area of ​​Raja Ampat. It may be said that natural resources like this very rarely, so grateful if Indonesia has a grace that is difficult to describe with words - words.

History or Legend of Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Tourism is arguably very unique, because it has a value of its own history or legend. Legend of Raja Ampat sediri emerged from the local community and have several versions of the story that is passed from generation to generation (down - generation) of the story the legend - real name Raja Ampat own. As one version of the legend of Raja Ampat circulating in the lives of indigenous people around are as follows.

Raja Ampat Islands

Era there used to be a married couple lived a simple life in the Gulf Wawiyai Kabui village, the couple had a job such as forest encroachers, whose daily activities - day went to look for food. They stand shoulder to shoulder through the forest in order to quickly get what they expect. Later in their journey to the banks of the Waikeo, and the rest unwind. As long as they rested they saw five eggs is located not far from their rest. After that they approached and found the egg - the egg was an egg from a dragon. Because feeling find eggs - eggs that strange, they wrapped in a camshaft (nokeng = bag) and under went home. After arriving home eggs - eggs that they found was kept in the room.
Start time changed and malampun started coming, eggs - eggs that had been issued in the room they hold the voice whisper, they are curious and trying to peek out from behind the bedroom door. Once they saw it happen, how shocked both spouses had been, seeing the five eggs hatched and intangible saved four sons - male and one female. The fifth child was wearing fine clothing indicating that they are descendants of a king.

Until now, anyone who counts the name of the child - a child born from a dragon's egg is not clear, but the surrounding communities know each - each child was named as follows:

Legend King's name Raja Ampat
1. Betani who later became king of Salawati.
2. Dohar be King Lilinta (Misool).
3. Mohamad became King Waigama (Batanta).
4. War Becoming King in Waigeo.
5. Pintolee girls born from a dragon egg above.

After growing up, all four boys - men became king and ruled righteously. Meanwhile, the girls (Pintolee) a day was found pregnant and issued two eggs. Once known by the brother - sister Pintolee, one egg which she bore placed inside the shell, with large size (Skin Bia) and then floated up stranded in an island by the name of Noemfoor Island. and the other, did not hatch and turn into stone the which later was named Kapatnai. Stone was treated like a king by people around, and were given a room to dwell and Also placed two stones as a sign of the safeguarding of the funeral. Until now, people still respect the existence of the funeral about it and become the object of veneration.

Airport Travel or Transportation To Raja Ampat

In general, the route taken by visitors or tourists to reach the location of Raja Ampat travel is by air travel, and headed to the city of Sorong - West Papua (Domine Edward Osok). At the airport there is no international flight paths that can go directly to Domine Edward Osok. So, if you are coming from abroad, you have to transit in Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar or Makasar. And if you want to take the shortest path, you can transit in Ujung Pandang and takes about 5 hours and 15 minutes to reach the town of Sorong.

Raja Ampat Islands

Then from the town of Sorong, proceed with using vehicles taxi heading to the Port of people to go to the capital of Raja Ampat (Waisai). After that, your trip will be resumed by using the transport Ferry or can rent a speed boat, and was advised on this port you must provide supplies such as mineral water, instant food and so forth. because in Waisai (capital of Raja Ampat), the price of the more expensive supplies purposes. At the port, there are two ferry that serves the path of travel from Sorong to Waisai, and usually departs every 14.00 CET, then the ship will depart only about 1-2 hours later. The trip will take 4-5 hours to reach the port Waisai.
But for those who have the desire rent a speedboat,the which is the ideal time to get across is before the rising sea water, the which is usually in pairs or as a result wave before around 12:00 CET. This is done because of concern things happen - things that are not desirable, because large speedboat is smaller than the ship, so it is easily shaken by the waves. Then that becomes the record for you is obedient to the instructions of the ship's captain when instructed to postpone the trip headed for the port Waisai due to bad weather, tides or other problems. It is rather complicated route to Raja Ampat. However, the future of local government will develop the airports in Waisai (airport Marinda), which in turn could facilitate access to Raja Ampat.

After arriving at the port Waisai, proceed to the city where you can easily search for lodging there. But before having to go to your local ministry office, to pay the costs of conservation are required to be worn for any tourist visiting the area to Raja Ampat. After that, you can find lodging.

Activity Can Do and Places of Interest in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat islands travel destinations offer many charms of biodiversity, which is arguably quite abundant. Here you can find about 540 species of coral and 1,511 species of fish. 75% of coral species are found all over the world are here, which is around 10 times the number of coral species has ever been found throughout the Caribbean. You'll also find 27 species of fish that exist only steps here. In addition here too there are five species of sea turtles step, 13 species of marine mammals, and 57 species of mantis shrimp. So you can imagine the uniqueness possessed by this tourist destination.
Raja Ampat Islands

The charm of the beautiful view of the sea, which can be viewed both from below and above the ocean will hypnotize you. For that you should not miss a precious moment in time to visit there. This condition is supported by the structure of the soil is endemic, as well as the cultural wealth of marine life and the wisdom of the local population. As for activities you can do here is as follows:

1. Exploring the Raja Ampat islands by boat.
2. Game kayak.
3. Diving to see the remnants of wreckage under the sea.
4. Enjoy the beauty of the coral islands (karst) around Wayag.
5. Visiting typical red bird of paradise of West Papua.
6. Fishing has traditionally Papua.
7. Feed the polecat.
8. Exploring the bat caves (not bat varieties Dark Knight).
9. Make a wooden sculpture itself guided by craftsmen Asmat.
10. Snorkeling.
11. Trekking to discover waterfalls.

In addition you can also see "Sea Ghost", which is a natural phenomenon that is unique and interesting, that is located in the eastern part Waigeo, this phenomenon is formed by a light that comes from the sea or the phenomenon of view of the sunset, which can be seen above the boat and rounded surface with a period of 10 -18 minutes. This phenomenon can only be seen by the year end only.
Not only that part Waigeo western and northern region, there is a game show that the traditional bamboo flute called the surrounding community with distilled drums. Usually these traditional performances are held if there is a religious festival or on the occasion of Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia (August 17) as well as in the official welcoming ceremony visit (leader) is important.
Raja Ampat Islands

Cave Tomolol charm. this region you will be amazed by the sights in Cave Tomolo, painting human hands and animals - animals that have a very large size painted on cave walls. It is said that this painting in the period of the prehistoric era.
Not only is it in north Waigeo, you can also enjoy historical sights are also shaped cave that is a relic of World War II. This cave was the place where Dutch and Japanese troops built bunkers. In addition you can also enjoy the unique culture of the local community who served in a war dance. Here there is also a tourist destination waterfalls, and of course when you get there should not be missed.

The next destination is the island Ayau, Ayau Island is a collection of islands - a small island located in the Coral Islands, with a very large size and the white sandy sea bottom, Ayau Island can connect the island with other islands. Not only that, not far from where you can enjoy the islands - islands with unique sands called "Zandplaat". This place is a unique habitat of local vegetation in Raja Ampat. You can also see the local community, especially mothers - mothers and children - children catch sea-worms or insonem.

In addition you can also visit South Waigeo, which is a favorite destination for diving enthusiasts. Not far from South Waigo You can also find travel destinations atoll Kabui Bay, Cave skull and historic travel destinations multiplied by Raja Raja Ampat. You can also see the Salay dance in Saonek, various types of birds in the village Sawinggrai and Yenwaupnor, as well as tours in Arborek woven handicrafts. Here you can also do snorkeling to watch a group of stingrays swim. Then if you continue to Sawandarek area, you can see the white sand beach with beautiful coral and many sea ducks Also found many animals. You also can walk - the road and enjoy a traditional village has a unique atmosphere.

On the West side Waigeo, Konfiau and Batanta you can enjoy diving, in addition to the above tourist destinations attractive tourist destination to visit other is houseboat houseboats and coral islands in the archipelago Wayag.

Culinary and Souvenir Typical Raja Ampat

Culinary you can enjoy in Raja Ampat is seafood or seafood. Usually the organizers diving has been prepared. Menu cooking was also mixed - sorts, ranging from traditional to international menu, which must be made directly by the local community. One example of the typical food of Raja Ampat is sub yellow fish. Usually the food is typical of KingAmpat many Provided in many restaurants Indonesia residing in the city Waisai.

Souvenirs the best of Raja Ampat are often raised many tourists who visit here is, an experience when visiting Raja Ampat. Obviously with the passing documenting catch photos and videos are great. However, if you want to leave by the - by the family at home in the form of objects. Souvenirs You can buy the typical Raja Ampat, Among others:

1. Traditional Cloth
2. Fiber Craft
3. Statue Asmat
4. Traditional musical instruments
5. Tambur (traditional drum)
6. Flute

Souvenir earlier you can get in the store - there are many souvenir shops in the city Waisai and cities - cities in Papua others. if you buy souvenirs in the city of Papua, it will ease the burden on you to carry your luggage from the Raja Ampat.

Travel Tips Visit To Raja Ampat

Here tips on visiting the tourist area of ​​Raja Ampat islands of Papua, so that your vacation can enjoy a pleasant holiday atmosphere. As for tips visit the Raja Ampat is as follows.
1. Your Vacation schedule
Schedule your holiday to Raja Ampat in October or November, because in the calm sea conditions. And if you want to capture your travel using a camera these conditions will make the camera catches will be maximized.
2. Prepare Equipment Special Cameras
Before there should you prepare a special wrapper camera equipment, in order to capture images underwater, or you can also prepare for underwater cameras. And you should also prepare your photography skills. Due to take pictures under the sea is not that easy to take pictures as usual.
3. Bring Protective Gear Board
Most tourist destinations you will find in Raja Ampat marine travel, so provide personal items such as sunscreen, sunblock, hat and t-shirt that is comfortable to the beach atmosphere.
4. Takes Anti Mosquito
Tourist area of ​​Raja Ampat arguably still natural, so many mosquitoes that would interfere with the comfort of your travel, it is advisable to bring insect repellent and anti-malarial drugs.

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