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Confused select tourist destinations to spend the holidays? If you want a tourist spot test adrenalin try feel the sensation of rafting on the river Manna. Have no doubt, Manna River has become a destination rafting in Pagar Alam, Sumatera Selatan.
Manna River

Not only exercising rafting course, travelers will be presented with the natural beauty of the estate and panoramic views of Mount Dempo. The rumble of water sounds invite you to quickly wade Manna River. Sports Rafting is very attractive to travelers, in addition to fun, your adrenaline will be encouraged in the face of every obstacle Manna River.
So, how transports to the location? You also do not have to bother to think about transportation. This is due to the available shuttle services from the service provider rafting itself, so you just need to contact the service provider, Immediately and will be picked up by a vehicle they had prepared.
Manna River

To be able to access and get down to the location, you can go to the service provider's office rafting located in Jalan Commissioner H. Umar 9 Pagar Alam.
To enjoy rafting on the river Manna, you will be charged at the rate of Rp 300,000 per person on the condition that a minimum of 5 participants. The prices, already includes quite as facilities that you get quite a good and safe start. Starting from pick up to delivery back to Pagar Alam.
In the package, you have been facilitated with rubber boats, guides, rescue teams, insurance, fees, lunch and mineral water. Additionally, you will be given a file of documentation in the form of a CD containing photographs of you together with your colleagues during the voyage. You can also enjoy a special snack typical Pagar Alam offered by the service providers in the form of lemang and kelicuk.
Prior to the rafting site, you will be invited to walk the first about 15 minutes to arrive at the starting point of rafting. Do not be afraid, views presented will remain beautiful and fresh for their expanse of plantation residents as well as the beauty of Mount Dempo from a distance. The closer you are to the location of rafting, it will be increasingly felt the rumble of water coming from the river Manna.
From the starting point to arrive at the end point of rafting will take about 2 hours to pass through the rapids vary. Manna River has a path that is heavy enough for novices, besides This river has a variety of difficulty vary as well, for example, just the path initially, the river looks pretty wide, but who would have thought, 15 kilometers then your adrenaline will be encouraged because the path of the river much narrower with a thunderous torrent, as though eager to hit your boat.
The pathway that will meet you in Manna River is fairly extreme, with stones and rubble walls accompanied by swift water, of course, very adrenaline and compactness test you in control of your boat to keep it drove along the swift flow of the river water.
Not only treated with water flow and challenging rapids, around the river you can see a variety of beautiful trees that make you more fresh scenery. In addition, some animals such as monkeys and eagles are often seen around this Manna River flow.
Manna River

Before starting the rafting, you will be given an explanation of the guide. The safety standards when doing this exercise should you follow to safety while rafting. To maintain security, one of the guides will be on board the boat so listen well to what the information provided from the guide.

Turns Manna River has a track heavy enough for the beginner, this river looks quite wide and the distance of time from the starting point to the end point takes about two hours. Really adrenaline lane narrow river with thundering torrents make your heart more pounding tight.
If you had time to look around the flow of the river, you will see the beautiful trees and some animals such as monkeys and eagles. There are some tips you need to know are:
1. For beginners or who has no experience rafting, preferably accompanied by alloying.
2. Before doing rafting should fill the stomach with food with the portion not excessive, as a result of shocks you may experience a hangover.
3. Bring items to taste, try not to bring valuables such as jewelry.
4. If you do not want to be black leather use sunblock.
5. Do not forget to bring a change of clothes because you surely will be wet after this extreme sport.

Interesting right? You can visit the Manna River in the district of Tanjung Sakti within 40 kilometers of the center of Pagar Alam. Arriving in the city of Pagar Alam, you can contact the service provider 

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