Attractions Bandar Kayangan Lake Lembah Sari

Lembah Sari

Artificial lake, that's the name for the lake property located in the Village District of Rumbai Limbungan coastal city of Pekanbaru, Riau. However Pekanbaru city government recently changed the name of Artificial Lake into Lake Kayangan Bandar Lembah Sari or better known as Lake Kayangan. This lake is a tourist icon Pekanbaru city as well as one of the attractions that elevates tourism Riau province. But have you visited Kayangan Lake? Well, let's explore why this attraction a tourist icon Pekanbaru? Artificial lakes, ups ..

Kayangan Lake, the lake was once an irrigation dam on the magic into the beautiful attraction that is very interesting for us to visit. It turned out that because development is what makes this lake is called by the name "Artificial lake". And now the attraction Artificial Lake or Lake of Heaven is one of the destinations for the people of Pekanbaru or tourists from different regions and the world.

Kayangan Lake tourist region Bandar Lembah Sari has an area of ​​14 hectares. This lake has a stunning natural scenery, is very effective as a medicine to relieve stress and feeling saturated. Surrounded by trees that are still green and the plateau area is hilly. Discussing on the hill, Kayangan Lake has a major hill on the top of the hill there is a building that has a roof like an open stage without dividing walls. This place is provided as a place to relax and frolic for the visitors while enjoying the lake view from the highest peak. Breathtaking natural scenery around the lake with a cool and relaxed atmosphere, make this a wonderful panorama as the right choice as a tourist destination as well as family recreation. The beauty is that we can enjoy with the family on holiday, to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the holidays.

Lembah Sari

  Many people who spend a weekend at Lake Kayangan to enjoy the cool breeze alongside a lake, for family recreation, fishing. However, no less exciting entertainment attractions by sailing vessels up around the lake. Well, this is a water vehicle entertainment object seeded Kayangan Lake. Various types of water supplied in the vehicle Kayangan Lake including passenger ships, boats and water bikes. Boat or ship passengers can we rent a vehicle that brings us sail around the lake, while the water we use bicycles to get around the periphery of the lake alone. For vehicles up water in the lake we will gather in a decent dock right a port that will take us sailing. We can enjoy water travel vacation very enjoyable traveling on fresh water with family and friends.

   Besides the beautiful scenery that we enjoy, uniqueness Kayangan Lake also can be seen from the number of visitors witnessed the festival that is held in this lake. The activities were held very interesting, including racing competitions rowing boats, barges boat race, race racing ducks, Islamic calligraphy exhibition, bazaar SMEs, as well as competition among school children as the city of Pekanbaru. Well, the activities held still traditional, very fun for saksikan.Juga diverse culinary tourism that we can enjoy around the lake is among cendol rice, grilled fish typical of the leaves, as well as food prepared from varieties of cassava and sago.

The lake is also one of the places used as penyelengaaraan PON XVIII in Riau for the sport of water skiing. Because of the depth and breadth of adequate water, Kayangan Lake qualified as a sports venue branch water skiing. It turned out that athletes who participate in the sport of water skiing was deeply satisfied tehadap lake environment conducive as selenggarakannya place in the race. Wow .. more curious how beautiful nuances lake praised by these athletes? Natural feel and the cool air around the lake is a most interesting tourist attractions as a tourist destination. The environment around the lake there are also fish ponds managed by communities around the lake. So in addition to the beautiful natural scenery of the lake is also a land of livelihoods around the lake. Well, turns out the lake does have many unique as its unique name.

Lembah Sari

For those of you who have never visited this lake, you definitely will not regret to visit Lake Kayangan in Pekanbaru. Not difficult to reach the tourist sites Kayangan Lake, away from the city center about 10 kilometers, the infrastructure to get to the location of the lake is very easy to be passed, a nice way, crossing the bridge that has one-way, so the opportunity to beat the traffic is very small. Of course, also do not need an expensive cost to be able to enjoy the beautiful shades Kayangan Lake travel. Well, turns in Riau Province Pekanbaru City in particular have the most appropriate attraction to visit with family or with friends. Saturation of the work and learning activities six days a week to make brains and our bodies require refreshing and rest. Without having to spend a lot of money we can visit tourist attractions Kayangan Lake to enjoy a refreshing spend time with family. Have you visited the Artificial Lake? Now we will begin to set the agenda this weekend so we can visit Lake Kayangan Bandar Lembah Sari relax with family.

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