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Toba Lake

Lake Toba has long become the most popular tourist destination in Northern Sumatra in addition to Bukit Lawang, Lake Toba and Nias Island Samosirnya very interesting with the domestic and foreign countries
Lake Toba () is a volcanic Lake with length 100 kilometers wide and 30 kilometers in the province of North Sumatra, Indonesia. In the middle of the Lake there is a volcanic island named Samosir island.

The beauty of Lake Toba was amazing. surrounded by hills, giving a distinctive charm around the Lake are comfortable, the air is fresh and cool. enjoy its beauty with a swim or rent a boat, circling around the Lake. In the afternoon, can enjoy the atmosphere of the more quiet with views that the light of the sunset so beautiful.

This spacious Lake has a value of cosmological and magical, because it is believed to be the place of the indwelling of the seven ancestral goddess of Batak.
Toba lake
When the Batak community want to roll out custom event around the Lake, they must first request authorization. Such as the people's Party in celebration of the Lake Toba which is annually held, some rituals done in advance as a form of respect for their ancestors.

In the middle of Lake Toba Samosir Island, there is a popular natural attractions, i.e. above Lake Lake Lake Sidihoni and Lake Aek Natonang, historical sights in the Tomb complex of King Sidabutar at Tomok Village and tourist complex in the form of traditional home architecture Batak Toba Samosir.

To Samosir island can look every hour ferry that Shuttles leave for Samosir, TomokVillage.
Location of Lake Toba lies in some districts, among others, Kab. Simalungun, Kab. Samosir Regency. Tapanuli Utara, Kab. Humbang Hasundutan, Kab. Karo, and Kab. Dairi, North Sumatera, Indonesia. To reach the tourist sites, visitors may be through route Medan  Parapat or through route Medan – Berastagi is approximately 176 km with a travel time of
approximately four hours by ground vehicles.
Toba Lake

Accommodation and other facilities can be found the coastal Lakes, good budget class lodgings or hotel. Restaurants, cafes and food stalls

Toba Lake
See Lake Toba from a distance through Sipinsur or preferably Dolok Please or viewed directly along the shore of Lake Toba

Toba Lake
Lake Toba is estimated to occur when the explosion about 73.000-75,000 years agoand is a supervolcano Eruption (super volcano). Bill Rose and Craig He from Michigan Technological University estimated that the volcanic materials spewed out the mountain as much as 2,800 KM3, with 800 KM3 of rock ignimbrit and 2,000 KM3 of volcanic ash which is estimated to be blown to the West for 2 weeks. The wind-blown volcanic ash has spread to half of the Earth, from the Chinese get to South Africa. Eruptions have occurred for 1 week and pebbles while letting the ashes were 10 km above sea level.

This incident causes mass death and in some species also followed the extinction. According to some of the DNA evidence, it had also made a number of humans to about 60% of the total human population of the Earth at that time, amounting to about 60 million people. The eruption also caused the onset of ice ages, although experts still argue it compellingly.

After the explosion the caldera was formed, which is then filled in by water and became now known as Lake Toba. The pressure up by magma that haven't come out led to Samosir island.

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