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Waterfall Blang Kolam

After being around the city of Banda Aceh, tourists can visit the city of Lhokseumawe. Lhokseumawe is a town in Aceh province, located in the middle lane east of Sumatra. Its strategic position as it is located between Medan and Banda Aceh, making this town the distribution channels of trade.

Lhokseumawe derived from the Lhok and Seumawe, in the Acehnese language Lhok means deep, deep trenches, bays and Seumawe means the water swirling. In this city there is a large industry such as: PT. Pupuk Iskandar Muda PT. Kertas Kraft Aceh (PT. KKA), PT. Asean Aceh Fertilizer and EXXON Mobil - Arun. One of the interesting sights in the city of Lhokseumawe was Blang waterfall kolam, or also known by the name of Blang Kulam.
Waterfall Blang Kolam

Waterfall located in the unspoiled forest, was able to give a natural feel beautiful, the air is cool and fresh, and a charm of water falling from a height of about 75 meters, creating a roar scarce water. It certainly can be an attraction for tourists to vacation in this tourist spot. At tourist sites Blang pool waterfall tourists can swim or play water, and relax while enjoying the charming natural scenery. However, it takes a bit of a struggle to reach the edge of the falls. Once through the gates of waterfall Blang Swimming, tourists will descend about 660 pieces of stairs to get to the location of the waterfall. This trip is quite tiring but very enjoyable. During the trip, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the landscape green, while a breath of fresh air that is free from pollution. At the time of return will apply the reverse is not it? Travelers must climb the stairs of the amount of 660 pieces. Travelers do not need to rush, if you feel tired travelers should rest first.
Waterfall Blang Kolam

Although the location of the waterfall Blang Kolam is surrounded by dense forest and unspoiled, but the facilities at these places quite complete. At the location of the waterfall Blang Kolam has provided toilet and mosque. Even for travelers who forgot to bring POWERBANK, in these places are places that offer services to charge the camera or mobile phone. waterfall Blang Kolam What about security at the waterfall site Blang Kolam? The management of these attractions will ensure the safety of the tourists. There are officers who swiftly will help travelers in case of adverse action.
Waterfall Blang Kolam

Vehicle parking area is quite extensive. However, the traveler will be charged the cost of parking is quite expensive. For the traveler on a motorcycle, motorcycle parking charges at this resort for five thousand rupiah, while car parking costs 10 thousand rupiah. However, with the cost of vehicle safety are fully awake. This is certainly very beneficial for tourists, because tourists can with quiet and comfortable vacation in waterfall tourism waterfall Blang Kolam.

Transport To Go Into waterfall Blang Kolam.
Waterfall Blang Kolam

Travelers can use a motorcycle or a car to get to the waterfall Blang Kolam. For tourists who rent a car, rent a car in order to get the price cheaper, tourists can rent a car, together with other travelers. Position waterfall pool in the village of Blang Sido Mulyo, district of Kuta Makmur. This tourist spot is approximately 21 km from the town of Lhokseumawe. During the trip, tourists will be accompanied with views and rustic atmosphere cozy and cool in the eyes. If tourists depart from the city of Banda Aceh, the distance that must be taken from the city of Banda Aceh to Lhokseumawe for about 275 km, within approximately 5 hours. The price of admission in this tourist attraction is Rp 2500.


In the town of Lhokseumawe has provided some decent lodging for tourists with a standard price and varied class.

Some lodgings include:

1. Lido Graha Hotel (3 Star)

Jln. Merdeka Timur No. 42 Lhokseumawe.

2. Plaza Ocean International Hotel (3 Star)

Jln. Merdeka Timur - Cunda, Lhokseumawe.

3. Dewi Plaza Hotel (1 star)

Jln. Pase No. 27.

4. Surya Aceh Cottage (1 Star)

Jln. Hagu Northwestern.

In addition, around the town of Lhokseumawe also found Inn and Pensions.


Travelers do not worry feel hungry while in this tourist attraction. At the location of the waterfall Blang Swimming, has provided some food and drink vendors. During the rating is in the town of Lhokseumawe, do not forget to try the specialties of this city, like boh Rom, satay cooked, curried goat and cane bread, grilled fish, shellfish sauce pineapple, Aceh noodle and coffee beheaded. Called coffee beheaded for the content of less than 1 cup of coffee, but only half a glass.


For tourists who want to play in the water or swim in the waterfall Blang Kolam, do not forget to bring a change of clothes. Do not forget to bring a camera.
Travelers may bring food and drinks from outside, but do not overdo it because it can be a burden for travelers.
660 stair at this location was made in the 70s. Currently, the condition of the existing stairs covered with moss. Therefore, travelers should be careful when passing through it.
For tourists who want to enjoy the freshness of soaking in a tub of cold water, tourists can feel it in cold water baths Lhok travel Pawoh. This tourist attraction is located in South Aceh District.
waterfall Blang Kolam has a height of up to 75 meters. If tourists feel the rush of water that falls from a height, the course will make you as treated by nature.

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