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Ciputra Waterpark

If you come to Surabaya do not forget a visit to the Water Park Ciputra Surabaya Exciting, Beautiful Places - Ciputra Surabaya Water Park is one of the largest water attractions in Indonesia even southeast Asia. Water Park Ciputra Surabaya Located in Surabaya western part of the construction project undertaken by the company in the region Citraland Ciputra Group. With an area of ​​5 hectares to accommodate many water games like Syracuse Beach, Roc tower, Marina Lagoon, Synbad Playground, Pool Chimera, and Sirens river. Water Park Ciputra Surabaya still be excellent filling favorite vacation day residents of Surabaya and surrounding areas. Surabaya Ciputra Water Park location is strategic because it housed Citraland area of ​​Surabaya. Ciputra Surabaya Water Park Also called the Singapore of Surabaya, East Java.

Water Park Ciputra Surabaya was established inspired by the fairy tale character named Sinbad adventures. When you enter the area there are many statues and synbad character posters in various acts. Open every Tuesday until Friday at 2 pm until 7 pm. By the end of the week are usually open early at 8 am until 8 pm. Visitors do not have to worry will be a variety of rides that look tense. Use of security any vehicle powered by high technology so that the safety level is high and proven safe. What's interesting about these attractions is theater Sinbad held when the holidays arrive.
Ciputra Waterpark

Visiting these places can be considered a most appropriate alternative for those of you who live around the city of Surabaya. Besides the proximity to your home, which carries the theme of travel Sinbad cartoon character is very cool in all corners. Start a complete vehicle, the means and facilities of international standard yet. In addition, you do not bother to buy souvenirs for the family at home. In the area of ​​Ciputra Water Park many kiosks that offer collections of merchandise that is cheap and quality.

The rides were interesting in Surabaya Ciputra Water Park is Sirens River watershed recalled that trip aritificial reef episode 425 a night. Although the theme is presented is the theme of adult children also people can also enjoy the fun in it. One more thing that Became favorite rides in this place that iswahanaRock Tower and Syracuse Beach. Effects of advanced technology in every vehicle that is presented in it will certainly make the visitors hooked to visit this place again.

Ciputra Waterpark

Facilities provided rides Water Park Ciputra Surabaya travel quite complete and adequate. With ample parking space and security assured travel support is becoming a tourist destination belle ahir every weekend or school holidays. Even some schools or government institutions often been on holiday together or for the purpose of study tour of the school. Because travel in Ciputra water park has many advantages compared to other tourist attractions. Starting from the rides that various sorts, ample parking space, the price of admission Ciputra Surabaya Water Park is relatively cheap, and the quality of the technology therein are proven to be safe and comfortable for children and adults.
Furthermore, before you go to this attraction, you should remove the cost is Rp 70,000 / person on weekdays and Rp 90,000 / person for the weekend and the other holidays. For opening hours at Ciputra Waterpark Surabaya at 13.00 s / d 18:30 pm and on the weekend at 10.00 s / d 18:30 pm.
As tips for you who want to visit Ciputra Waterpark Surabaya, you should consider the following three things.
1. You are prohibited from bringing food from home because there will be officers who inspect your             luggage. Because all the food, be brought into the area Ciputra Waterpark.
2. When the weekend if you want to enjoy playing comfortably, try to come in the morning at 10.00 due       at 10:00 am the sun was not too hot and not too much for the visitors.
3. Do not forget to wear sunblock to keep your skin protected from the sun's heat shock.

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