10 Souvenirs Typical Jogja Most Famous

The roads in Yogyakarta is indeed exciting. Visit the various tourist attractions in Yogyakarta to satisfy the tongue and stomach with traditional cuisine of Yogyakarta which was very tasty. It was time to go home you definitely do not want memories in Yogyakarta disappear. One of the things that you can take home for keepsake of your time in Yogyakarta is typical souvenirs Koota this student.
Here are 10 typical souvenirs of Yogyakarta, which you can take home:

1. Bakpia

Bakpia is a cake made from flour contents are green beans and cooked with roasted.
Currently bakpia sudang many kinds, you can purchase bakpia durian flavor, chocolate, cheese, black kumbu and various other flavors.
Bakpia itself can be covered region Malioboro street, Beringharjo and various souvenirs centers scattered in Yogyakarta.

2. Yanko

Yangko very similar to moci cakes, snacks made of glutinous rice flour has a chewy texture, containing chopped nuts and sweetened. Yangko has a very attractive appearance because of various colors. One yangko brain usually contains 30 pieces with varying flavors.

3. Geplak

Geplak made from coconut meat is sliced thin and cooked with sugar mixture. Currently geplak been modified so many flavors that you can try. Geplak synonymous with a very sweet taste.

4. Gudeg

Gudeg there are two kinds, namely warm wet and dry warm. If you want to take home this one I suggest you buy a dry warm, dry warm stimulation itself is more durable than the warm wet. Warm dry can last up to 3 days.
One of the selling gudeg Yu Djum are located on the street Kaliurang Yogyakarta 5. Here you can eat a warm place or you want to book to take home.

5. Brown monggo

Chocolate is made from the seeds monggo didapatka choice of Java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi itself. For owners of brown monggo itself comes from the Belgians. Although owners resident foreigners, brown monggo Therein keep bringing Java elements. This is evident from the brown packaging thatdisplays images of puppets.
You can come to Jalan Dalem KG III / 978, kotagede. Here, in addition to buying chocolate you can also see the process of making chocolate from the kitchen that just sealed glass wall.
6. Salak pondoh

Pondoh have the meat was dry and tasted fresh sweet. Once the tasting you will add more and barking is inappropriate for you to take home.
Interestingly, there is one place agrotourism pondoh at Kampung Gandung, Bangunkerto, Sleman. An area of ​​27 hectares has salak equipped with children's playground, swimming pool and fishing pond.
Besides being able to buy salak in agro-tourism area, you can easily find pondoh at fruit stalls along the streets of the city.

7. Batik

Batik can not be removed simply from Yogyakarta. Batik is also always included in the list of souvenirs that must be purchased by tourists who come to this city. Batik is not only in the form of fabrics and garments. Creativity residents of Yogyakarta batik making can be applied in various forms, namely handbags, scarves and slippers.
The place can be visited to hunt batik course area of ​​Jalan Malioboro and Beringharjo. In addition to these two popular place, you can visit the village Karebet who travel are producing batik village.
Karebet In the village, you can see the batik not only in clothing and handbags. Here, batik look more attractive as applied in the wood in the form of masks, bracelets and others.

8. Silver Craft
Kerajinan perak

The silver into a kind of typical souvenirs other Jogja that you must buy. To get the silver, please come to Kotagede, 5 km from the city center, known as the silver producing center since the days of the kingdom of Mataram.
In the town, you can visit the show room of silver or come to the homes of artisans directly. Forms of silver here are as diverse ranging from jewelry to wall hangings / table. Quality is no doubt. The silver had been here many sent overseas since the Dutch era.

9. Pottery Kasongan
Gerabah Kasongan

Kasongan pottery are other souvenirs that you should not miss. If you have previously hunt silversmithing, it is time to hunt craft of clay in Kasongan.
Kasongan typical pottery is widely believed to have a good quality. Pottery you can encounter in a variety of forms ranging from jars, vases, decorative lights up ashtray. Here, you can also see the process of making pottery from clay formation until the burning and staining.

10. Dagadu Kaos

One more thing that you must bring home from Yogyakarta is Dagadu shirt. This t-shirt is synonymous with a funny parody of Yogyakarta that is guaranteed to make you laugh.
Dagadu itself is derived from Yogyakarta walikan or slang, which means 'eyes'. It is increasingly evident in the form of a logo T-shirt eye.
To the point of purchase, you can find this shirt in the Mall Malioboro, Ambarukmo Pakuningratan Plaza and in the area which is the location of the factory is located. Currently there are a lot of shirts Abal Abal (fake) who profiteer Dagadu name. In order to not be fooled, we recommend that you buy at all three sites.

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