Unique Travel Tanah lot Bali

Indonesia is nicknamed thousand islands. The purpose of the word "thousand island" is an area that a lot of islands. No wonder it seems that Indonesia was dubbed a thousand islands because in addition to many island is very beautiful natural scenery. As this one area

Still in the area of ​​Bali. Bali seems to have a strong magnet with its appeal is endless. The natural beauty, especially its coast was no need to explain anymore. Now, what if the beauty of the beaches in Bali together with temples as houses of worship of Hindus? The answer is to go only

Tanah Lot

Tanah lot

The uniqueness of the Tanah Lot is a source of fresh water, called water purifier. The source of this water is certainly a miracle on its own because it is located in the middle of the beach salty. What can be done at Tanah Lot is ...? There are many things you can do in Tanah Lot's

Photographed around Tanah Lot

You can take pictures around Tanah Lot with beautiful views. Especially when the sun sets you can enjoy the scenery is very beautiful against a reddish twilight will make you into a very pretty picture to show it off to friends and family back home think.

Hunting souvenirs

Along the road to Tanah Lot you can see there is an art market that offers a variety of unique handicrafts Bali. You can choose a souvenir in the form of carved wooden necklaces and bracelets, key chains of shells, ornaments ashtray with sand and starfish and also T-shirts with various Balinese writing.
When you shop at this art market I suggest that you bid, because the price is relatively expensive souvenir if you do not bargain

Trying myth

  Here, the growing myth that if a traveler washing the face with Tirta Pabersihan as he uttered his petition, then soon his wish will be granted. In addition to the myth Tirta Pabersihan, developing a myth anymore. you can hold the flat-tailed snake temple guards while putting a coin in the bottom of the water and say the petition. Remember, do not be too rough when handling the snake so that they do not attack you.
                Especially interesting about this Tanah Lot ....? actually there are many interesting things you can do in Tanah Lot is one of them as

ritual temple ceremony

Odalan was a ritual or ceremony is usually done before the Galungan and Kuningan. On that day, Pura Tanah Lot will be filled with Hindus who came from all over Bali to pray here.Please do not forget to take pictures to capture this rare moment.

Tanah Lot is located in the village of Beraban, district of Kediri, Tabanan, Bali. To reach this location, the most practical way is to use the services of travel, rent a car or take a taxi. If renting a vehicle, no need to worry about getting lost, there are many signpost towards Tanah Lot because of this very popular tourist spot in Bali.

Tanah Lot is about 1 hour of service, or about 45 minutes from Kuta Beach in Bali's popular tourist is elsewhere. Not restless need to stay in bali many places where you can try accommodation in Bali from 3-star accommodation to 5 star accommodation you can try. For the price varies depending on which one you want. This tourist spot visited by many,especially in the early evening for sunset views of the famous gorgeous. Tickets admission price Tanah Lot is 15,000 rupiah. The prices were cheap enough to be Able to enjoy religious tourism at the same beach in the tourist spots in Bali. Although you are not allowed to enter into the temple, but there are other interesting things that you do in the bias Tanah Lot.

                My message to you if you want to holiday in Tanah Lot is bring enough money (required), bring a change of clothes (if you want to stay retreat), a camera, and a tour guide.

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