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Attractions this one is very interesting for us to speak. Why is it so interesting we are talking about ...? Because of this attraction is an activity center for Hindu religious ceremony which must take place in Bali. This place is one of the favorite tourist destination to the island, has the distinction of also unique compared to other places. It is famous for the temple complex which was established there, and became known as the Main Temple in Bali. Almost every followers are required to pray here. In addition to prayer this place could be for the tour.

Pura Besakih

Pura besakih

Besakih Temple is a temple complex located slope of Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali, located village of Besakih, District Rendang Karangasem regency. Besakih Temple is a temple complex located slope of Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali, located village of Besakih, District Rendang Karangasem regency.
Pura besakih

Been to Besakih, for aspirants of spiritual activity, will provide and feel the nuances of spiritual and magical so thickened, but the spread of the natural scenery from a height, it looks so beautiful. Especially when it comes to Dark Pura area which occupies the top position of this temple complex. If you are a tourist and will visit the temple area, you must be accompanied by a guide / local guides, they set up a regional organization for Besakih guide, and for their services, will be charged extra, usually ranging from Rp 50,000-100,000, depending on the number of participants. For the price of admission to Besakih is Rp 15,000 / $ 2. In addition it also provides rental services typical Balinese fabrics. Travelers can rent the fabric to sign to Besakih.

Entering the temple you will be greeted with the first temple that temple fairy palace. This temple is the home for cremation ashes Bali residents. Then a few dozen tourists can climb stairs to get to the center of the temple. In this temple there are three temples.

Pura besakih

In the morning, tourists can witness the beauty of the sunrise. Likewise, when the late afternoon, the beauty of the sunset in this temple has many captivate tourists. It also provides several food stalls are located along the road before tourists enter the gates of the temple. For this type of food varies depending on your taste.
Pura besakih

For transport to the Besakih you can choose your own such as taxis, car rental services you can rent the following driver, as well as the most popular join a package tour that has been provided, no need to bother thinking about parking fees, entrance fees and lunch destination tour is also already scheduled, but if you have a choice of routes themselves can also be arranged.

For those of you who are planning to find lodgings around the tourist sites Besakih, has provided some of the first class hotels that offer varying prices.
Opening Hours: 8:00 to 17:00, but it is actually open 24 hours as it is a place of worship · Location: in Besakih Village, Rendang sub-district, Karangasem District
Remarks: Taking along local companions outside the official hours is highly recommended
How to get there: From Sanur, take the Kusamba Bypass to Klungkung. Head north through Klungkung and take the right-hand turn at Menanga to get to Besakih. The journey from Sanur should not take longer than two-and-a-half hours.

We recommend that you visit this place. The island is not just having an attractive beach in Indonesia, but also shows the natural beauty, including places of worship. And to simplify your trip to the Besakih which is the biggest temple in Bali. To be more comfortable during their stay at tourist sites Besakih, travelers should wear a hat and sunglasses. In these places, has provided services to hire a guide, tourists can hire to provide guidance during the tour at this place.

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