Kuta Beach One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

Vacation so just like that ..? bored at home !!!, again a lot of money but confused what to do next. It fits you read this blog. With this blog I will give you one vacation spot exciting to you that this vacation spot located in Indonesia. Indonesia has always boast beautiful nature, its fertile soil, beautiful beaches. Therefore I want to share my experience about the tourist Attractions that exist in Indonesia is one of them

Travel Bali Kuta Beach

Tourist Attractions are located on the southern coast of Bali has extraordinary beauty. The beach has a length of Approximately 2 km and is shaped like a basin. White sand and the waves are not so big it is suitable for you who like to surf. Kuta beach at dusk the Increasingly crowded by tourists Because the beach was dubbed by a sunset beach (see for Themselves if the shore of the beautiful sunset like what ...!). The view at sunset shore of Kuta now Widely Recognized by many tourists who come here. For you who want to enjoy the beach of Kuta you free of charge. It's just that you're driving, you need to pay a parking fee of about US $ 10,000 / $ 1.
                 Anything that you can do this Kuta coast ...? There are many things you can do this Kuta coast such as:

Enjoy the sunset
kuta beach

The scenic beauty of the sunset at Kuta Beach is no doubt about it. Enjoy a moment of sunset while accompanied by coconut ice and corn would be an interesting experience.

Culinary tour

Food kuta

Here you can enjoy a meal with typical sea such as crabs, shrimp, and a wide variety of processed fish. For his own home, you can choose a restaurant or just want to place on the roadside.


Surfing kuta

For you who love this sport, you can try this beach. Do we have to bring their own windsurfing ...? it's up to you alone but there is the rental surfboard surely you have to pay to rent a surfboard. For the price varies.
Hunt for souvenirs
Kuta Beach around there are many souvenir shops. Various gorgeous trinkets made of shells and starfish can you get here. Locally made souvenirs of this was already known worldwide.
            It turns out there are Kuta coast turtle breeding. Not far from the beach, there is a giant turtle-shaped building in which there's a sand turtle eggs hatch. Types of turtles that exist here are olive ridley or Ridley turtles that are currently rare. The most interesting is the activity of the release of hatchlings or baby turtles into the sea. This activity is no definite schedule, whenever the eggs hatch, it will soon be release into the sea. This involves the release of hatchlings traveler anyone who wants to join. Each participant will be lined up and each carrying a plastic box containing a hatchling. Then simultaneously, they take off-the hatchlings. Interested to join?
            Not far from Kuta beach there is a monument that was familiar. The original name Ground Zero Monument is a monument Five Continent, but many have called Ground Zero. It is a monument built to commemorate the victims of the Bali bomb blasts that occurred on October 12, 2002. The monument was unveiled exactly two years after the tragedy.
           Kuta Beach is located in the southern coast of Bali, or administratively located in Badung regency. This tourist spot is about 12 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport and can be accessed with a lot cab. Available accommodation around Kuta Beach, ranging from hostel used by backpackers to five-star hotel with the best service quality.

            My message to you if you want to come to the Kuta beach. Ensure supply of clothing you bring enough for a few days, could speak English or Indonesian language (this is better) or carry a tour guide. And this is most important, bring money. Without money you can not do anything and do not forget to bring your camera to capture the moment wonderful moment

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